European History

History Majors: If this is one of your four areas of study, complete one course from the selection below. See Undergraduate Degree Requirements for more details.

HIST 118: History of England from 1603 to Present
HIST 203: The Ancient Mediterranean: Power and Identity
HIST 204: Ancient History: Greek History
HIST 205: Ancient History: Roman History
HIST 207: Games and Play in Medieval and Early Modern Europe
HIST 214B: Europe from Revolution to Post-Communism
HIST 255: Life in Early Modern Europe, c.1450 – c.1800
HIST 303: Crime and Punishment in the Ancient World
HIST 314A: Europe 1870 – 1945: War, Peace, and Social Change
HIST 314B: Europe Since 1945
HIST 317: History of Modern Ireland
HIST 317A: History of Early Modern Ireland
HIST 319: History of Early Modern Germany
HIST 320: Reformations and Revolutions in Early Modern Britain, 1485 – 1714
HIST 321A: Britain 1700 – 1914: Industry & Empire
HIST 321B: Britain 1914 – Present: Great War to Cool Britannia
HIST 325: History of France: Development of the Modern French State, 1815 – Present
HIST 374: The Holocaust
HIST 403A: History of Greece: Democracy, War, and Empire in the 5th Century BCE
HIST 403C: Social & Cultural History of Classical Greece
HIST 404A: History of Rome: The Republic to the Death of Caesar
HIST 404B: History of Rome: The Empire through the Reign of Constantine the Great
HIST 405A: Medieval Europe
HIST 405B: Medieval Europe
HIST 408: The Renaissance
HIST 409: The Reformation
HIST 412A: European Enlightenments
HIST 416A: Rise and Fall of European Empires
HIST 420: The French Revolution and Napoleon
HIST 422: History of Russia to 1917
HIST 425: History of the Soviet Union
HIST 455: History of Women in Europe
HIST 456A: Paradise Lost: History of Anarchism in Europe
HIST 465C: History of Spain: Imperial Spain, 1700 to 1898
HIST 465D: History of Spain Contemporary Spain, 1868 to the Present
HIST 486: The Ancient World in Film
HIST 495A: Studies in Early Europe
HIST 495C: Topics in Modern European History
HIST 497B: Performance, Sport and Spectacle in the Ancient Mediterranean