HIST 496H / HIST 498: Capstone Research Seminar

How to Register

To register for HIST 498, email the instructor for permission (email addresses are indicated below for the instructor for each section). The instructor can then give permission by email to the academic advisor, Kathryn Gallien kgallien@email.arizona.edu, to enroll you in the course.

Capstone Options for Spring 2021

HIST 496H (001): Global Perspectives on Local Histories

Prof. Kevin Gosner (kgosner@email.arizona.edu)

Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:30-10:45 a.m. (Flex In-Person)

This capstone seminar is an opportunity for History majors to design and complete a research project on a topic of their own choosing, drawing on interests and skills that have been nurtured in your other classes. Though students will be developing individual projects, together we’ll be sharing ideas about concepts and methods, and we’ll workshop research proposals and historiography together. We’ll also work collectively at each stage of the process of writing, editing, and resubmitting. The common theme will be to explore global perspectives on local histories. Though your projects will differ, everyone will engage the comparative implications of their research, drawing on theoretical frameworks that inform historical scholarship as well as empirical studies of comparable cases in the world history historiography. To that end, we’ll begin the semester with a set of common readings that offer models for scholarship of this kind. 

HIST 498 (001): Britain and the Modern World

Prof. Laura Tabili (tabili@email.arizona.edu)

Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:00-3:15 p.m. (Live Online)

History 498 is a research seminar in which students learn to design, research and write an article-length work of original scholarship based on research in primary materials, contextualized with relevant secondary literature. Students will be encouraged to use, among other sources, the University's collection of British Parliamentary Papers, an unparalleled source of primary data on Britain and its global empire as well as many other parts of the nineteenth-century world. 

HIST 498 (101/201): The Middle Ages

Prof. Paul Milliman (milliman@email.arizona.edu)

Fully Online

This course will focus on the European Middle Ages, but I am willing to let you go a bit beyond these geographical and chronological boundaries.  You are required to have at least some general knowledge about the Middle Ages through coursework or informal study.  The main assignment for this course is a 20-25 page research paper (using both primary and secondary sources) on a topic of your choice.  You may instead propose an alternative medium (e.g. digital, maker, reenactment, etc.) and / or genre (e.g. creative writing, lesson plans, etc.), but this project must be just as academically rigorous as the traditional paper, and you must clear it with me by the end of the second week of class.  You will prepare for this project, which will go through several drafts, by actively participating in online discussions, constructively critiquing your classmates’ work in peer review, producing short writing assignments (a proposal, an annotated bibliography, a comparative book or article review, a primary source explication, and an encyclopedia article), and sharing your findings in an oral presentation.  You will also have six individual meetings with me and at least one group meeting with your classmates (in person or via Skype).