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A strong response to the challenges and opportunities that we face--here in Arizona, in the United States, and around the globe--requires an understanding of the past. From the intimacies of family life to the dynamics of the workplace, from the building of communities to the formation of nation states, from histories of global climate change to transcontinental pandemics, from acts of faith and piety to scientific inquiry and discovery, our discipline studies every dimension of the human experience in all its diversity. History contributes to the pursuit of knowledge in almost every field of scholarship and we are an important nexus for interdisciplinary research across the social sciences, arts, humanities, and sciences.
Awarded the University of Arizona departmental teaching award in 2000, the History Department enables some 1500 freshmen and sophomores each semester to meet General Education requirements, serves over 500 undergraduate majors, and supports more than a dozen programs of study elsewhere on campus with cross-listed classes and affiliated faculty. We also offer graduate training to around 100 M.A. and Ph.D. students in five major fields--United States, Latin America, Early Europe, Modern Europe, and the Middle East--and two minor fields--World/Comparative and Gender and Women’s history.




College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

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