About the Department


For more than 100 years, the Department of History has been a fundamental part of the University of Arizona. Our highly ranked programs combine teaching and research with award-winning and inclusive results. 

Understanding the Past

To respond effectively to the challenges and opportunities that we face – in Arizona, in the United States, and around the globe – we must understand the processes and players that led us here, from multiple perspectives. Our discipline studies every dimension of the human experience – from the intimacies of family life to the formation of nation-states to transcontinental pandemics – and contributes to the pursuit of knowledge in almost every field of scholarship. We provide an important nexus for interdisciplinary research across the social sciences, arts, humanities, and sciences.

Working with Students

Over 250 students currently major in History, taking classes both "live" and online. Hundreds more sample the past in General Education courses each semester, while still more explore the field through cross-listed classes and affiliated faculty in more than a dozen programs across campus.

We also train graduate students in five major fields – United States, Latin America, Early Europe, Modern Europe, and the Middle East – as well as a range of thematic areas, such as Environment, Gender, and World/Comparative.