Earn up to six units of credit and gain real-world skills while interning as a History major.

Where Can I Intern?

2020 Virtual Internship Opportunities 

Various museums, historical societies, libraries and other institutions are offering virtual internships, which allow students to participate in an internship with an institution while working from home. A Google Docs spreadsheet listing virtual internships for the summer and fall is available. 

Domestic Options

Some of our students had previously found internships with the following organizations:

International Options

Want to do an internship in a museum abroad? Check out the University of Westminster study abroad program in London, which places all visiting students in internships throughout the city. 

Found Your Own?

You may also seek out your own internship opportunities and, with prior approval from the history internship advisor, receive internship credit.

Internship Requirements

  • Complete HIST 493: Internship (3 units)
  • 10 hours/week working on location
  • 2 hours/week working on related writing/reading
  • Complete 15 – 20 pages of writing
  • Evaluation by a faculty member as well as your on-site supervisor
  • Grades of S/P, C, D, E, I, or W will be given upon completion

How to Apply for Credit

  1. Complete an internship application and submit it to Professor Marya McQuirter (; mailbox in Chávez 415). Must complete this step by the end of the preceding semester before the internship starts.
  2. Prepare for an interview.
  3. Meet with Professor McQuirter to set up a contract and sign up for internship credit.