Earn up to six units of credit and gain real-world skills while interning as a History major. For an overview of the History Internship Program, click here.

Where Can I Intern?

We can help you identify and connect you with history internship sites, at museums, historical societies, schools, non-profits, government agencies, and other history-related institutions.

Local Options

Some local internships can be found through Handshake. We have also established direct relationships with local Tucson and Arizona institutions. Our students have held internships, for example, with the following organizations:

National and International Options

Want to find an internship beyond Tucson? Check out MuseWeekly--a weekly e-news delivered right to your inbox, that contains: jobs, internships, conferences, announcements, and museum news, provided by the University of Delaware with a free subscription. Sign up at Some internships are also posted at speciality sites, for example Archives Gig

Our students have held internships with the Smithsonian Institution, in their hometown historical societies, and at international locations.

Found Your Own?

If you have found your own internship opportunity, check in with the history department internship advisor. With prior approval you can receive internship credit.

Internship Requirements

  • Earn 1-6 units of HIST 493 for history-related internships (complete 45 hours/unit)
  • Complete and submit a writing component 
  • Check in monthly with department internship advisor
  • Submit evaluation by your on-site supervisor at the conclusion of your internship
  • Grades: S/P, F

How to Apply and Earn Credit

  1. Complete an internship application and submit it to Prof. Katherine Morrissey (; mailbox in Chávez 415). We'll set up a time to talk about your interests and offer suggestions.
  2. Once you have established an internship site, complete an Internship Work Plan Form. There are sections for students, site supervisors and Professor Morrissey to complete. Reach out to Professor Morrissey for assistance with completion.
  3. Once the Work Plan Form is completed and emailed to Professor Morrissey, we will register you for History 493.