Study Abroad

Immerse yourself in the history and cultures of other countries as you earn academic credit for your major or minor.

History student at Spanish Aqueducts

"It’s one thing to read about the places you study; it’s another thing to travel abroad and see the actual environment, to interact with real people, and feel the ambiance where history took place."

– History undergraduate

Why Study Abroad?

Study abroad opens the doors to an entire world of new experiences. Immerse yourself in another culture, learn a new language, or become proficient in a language you've studied at the university. You can even apply study abroad credits toward your history major.

Financial Support

Financial support may be available to cover costs for your study abroad adventure. The History Department also offers the $5000 annual Janice B. Gerton Memorial Study Abroad Scholarship. This scholarship may be used for courses of study at any college or university located outside the United States for students participating in a credit-bearing, faculty-led, exchange or direct enroll program whose credits are fully accepted by UA for a UA degree program. Apply through Scholarship Universe!

Popular Study Abroad Programs

Course credits from the popular programs below can be applied toward your history degree. To see other Study Abroad Programs tailored for History majors, use the Study Abroad Program Search and select "History" in the "Field of Study" menu.


Medieval Europe Study Tour

Academics:  6 units of UA direct credit is offered upon completion of the program. Participants from all academic disciplines are welcomed, but the academic focus of this educational tour through Europe is the structural, social, cultural, and political impact of the Middle Ages on Europe.  

When: Early June- Late June

Where: Tentative locations for Summer 2019 include Italy, Austria, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Belgium.

Program Cost: $6,780

Contact: You may email Professor Albrecht Classen or contact one of the Study Abroad Program Coordinators.

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Arizona in Orvieto

Academics: Students can take up to 13 units per semester and 6 units over summer. Courses are regularly offered in Classics, Communication, Archaeology, Psychology, Art History, Italian, Studio Art, Photojournalism, Information Resources, eSociety, English, and History. Please see the Arizona in Orvieto website for the most current course listings.

When: Fall or Spring semester, or in the Summer

Where: Orvieto, Italy

Program Cost: Fall semester- $13,580; Spring semester- $14,580; Summer- $6,480

Contact: Email David Soren for more information.

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Arizona in Israel

Academics: Tuition covers 6 units of UA credit. 2019 courses include Jewish Civilization (JUS/HIST/RELI 301, Tier II) and International Human Rights, Transitional Justice, and Israel (JUS 384). Other options may be available depending on student demand.

When: May 13 - June 28, 2019

Where: Your time is split between Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv, with short excursions to other cities.

Program Cost: $7,580

Contact: For course information or to inquire about possible scholarship from the Center for Judaic Studies, please contact David Graizbord.

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Apply for Study Abroad Credits

Contact our academic advisor, Kathryn Gallien ( for more information on applying your course credit to your history degree.