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Dear History Major,

On behalf of the faculty, let me welcome you to the History Department.   We hope that you’ll feel that you’ve found an academic home here at the University and a community of lively, interesting people. Together, we share a fascination with the past, a love of reading and scholarship, and an appreciation for all the complexities of the human experience.  History is a field of study that includes virtually every corner of the globe and stretches back in time more than ten thousand years. We want you to embrace this spirit of limitless curiosity as you pursue your own course of study. That’s why we have designed a major that balances opportunities to specialize with requirements to study broadly across time and space. We hope to engage you intellectually and emotionally, to challenge you to be a rigorous and careful thinker, and to encourage you to be an active and well-informed public citizen.  And we want you to have some fun, too!

Take the time to get to know your professors and your fellow students outside the classroom.  Come visit us during office hours, and check the calendar of events on the Department’s webpage. Throughout the year, we’ll be inviting guest speakers to give talks on campus and you are always welcome. We also have informal Brown Bags every month, when our own faculty and students share work-in-progress and invite discussion.  Join Phi Alpha Theta, the History honors society, and come to their events.  And look for announcements about fellowship opportunities to help you with your own research.

To help you choose classes and work toward fulfilling the requirements of the major, the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences has an academic advisor for History. Your academic advisor can help you with your degree check and other matters. 

We are a Ph.D. granting department in a Research I public university.  That means you’ll have the opportunity to work with faculty who are among the leading research scholars in their fields, and who also are deeply committed to undergraduate and graduate education. The Masters and Doctoral candidates you’ll have as teaching assistants are preparing for professional careers of their own.  They go on to teach at colleges and universities all across the country and around the world.  You’ll find these talented and energetic historians downstairs in Social Sciences 124A (621-3247) for office hours. And check out the bulletin board by their door for announcements about History related events on campus and around town.

The hub of activity in History is the Main Office, where you’ll find our Graduate Program Coordinator, Noora Balooshi, and often times Vicki Parker, the staff who keep everything running around here.  They can help you register for classes, complete paperwork, and cheer you up on a rough day!  Just down the hall is Debbie Jackson, our Business Manager.  Vicki is also our Outreach Program Coordinator, and her office is in Social Sciences 119.  She organizes commencement and handles alumni relations for us. Get to know her.  Back upstairs, mailboxes for all the faculty and graduate students are in Social Sciences 217, if you need to drop off a paper or leave a note.  That’s also our Commons Room, where people gather to talk and have a cup of coffee. You are always welcome there.

Finally, my office is back in the inner sanctum of the Main Office.  Come see me.

Warm Regards,


Kevin Gosner 

Associate Professor and Department Head


College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

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