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Welcome to the Department of History!

We have a new home on the third and fourth floors of the César Chávez Building and we hope that you will join us here. The Department of History is a community of lively, interesting people. Together, we share a fascination with the past, a love of reading and scholarship, and an appreciation for all the complexities of the human experience.  History is a field of study that includes virtually every corner of the globe and stretches back in time more than ten thousand years. We want you to embrace this spirit of limitless curiosity as you pursue your own course of study. That’s why we have designed a major that balances opportunities to specialize with requirements to study broadly across time and space. We hope to engage you intellectually and emotionally, to challenge you to be a rigorous and careful thinker, and to encourage you to be an active and well-informed public citizen.  And we want you to have some fun, too!

Take the time to get to know your professors and your fellow students outside the classroom.  Visit your professors during their office hours.  Do keep track of the calendar of events on the Department’s webpage. Throughout the year, we sponsor and co-sponsor scholarly presentations and panels on campus; these are opportunities to learn about compelling and innovative research, the many different ways to explore the past.  Join Phi Alpha Theta, the History honors society, and come to their events.  And look for announcements about funding opportunities to help you with your own research.

For help in selecting classes and planning how to complete undergraduate degree requirements, seek out Kathryn Gallien, the academic advisor for History. Her office is 403C, and you can make an appointment with her through Wise Advising (https://wiseadvising.arizona.edu/student/login.php?k=).

We are a Ph.D. granting department in a Research I public university.  That means you’ll have the opportunity to work with faculty who are among the leading research scholars in their fields, who also are deeply committed to undergraduate and graduate education. The graders and teaching assistants in your History courses come from our corps of graduate students, working toward the M.A. and Ph.D.  Many go on to teach at colleges and universities across the country and around the world.  The south pod of the 4th floor is where the graduate offices, lounge, and library is located; the whiteboard just inside the door will tell you when and where your TA can be found.

Our central node is 415 (in the 400N pod),  the departmental headquarters, where you’ll find Dakota Hogeboom and Adam Donaldson, the staff who keep everything running around here. They can help you register for classes and deal with paperwork; sometimes there are cookies!  Dakota's office is Chávez 425.  She organizes our annual commencement celebration, outreach events, and department communications with current majors and alumni.  Adam works closely with graduate students as they move through the program; he is also the tsar of course scheduling! He does intense crunching of numbers in his 427 office. Katrina Kuxhausen is our student worker; she is a protean woman of wonder, turning her organizational skills to whatever's needed in our transition period. José Garcia, our business manager, has his office in Chávez 210A; he guides both History and Mexican American Studies in matters financial. Mailboxes for faculty and graduate students are in Chávez 417, if you need to drop off a paper or leave a note. And while you're in the node, why not sit and refresh yourself in the reception area? Coffee and tea fixings are in the break room, Chávez 429. 

I'm in the node too! My office is on the west side of the Main Office, in Chávez 419.  Come see me!

Carry on!

Alison Futrell

Associate Professor and Department Head


College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

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