Minor Requirements


The History minor is 18 units, 9 of which must be completed by taking any three "History Areas and Methods" classes.  Additionally, a total of 9 units must be upper-division (300-400 level).  Main Campus students must take HIST classes toward the minor. Tier 1 Gen Eds (courses numbered 150 or 160) do not count toward the minor or the major.

See the academic advisor for a list of History Areas and Methods courses for the current semester.

History Areas and Methods Classes
History Methods Class
HIST 301: Introduction to the Study of History
History Area Classes
HIST 231: Music and Ethnic America, 1900 - Present
HIST 236: Indians in U.S. History
HIST 245: Frontier America
HIST 246: History of American Capitalism
HIST 247: Nature and Technology in U.S. History
HIST 253: Women in the U.S.: Colonial America to 1890
HIST 254: Women in the U.S.: 1890 to Present
HIST 280: Sports and Ethnic America, 1900-Present
HIST 302U: UA Stories: Creating a Digital Past
HIST 315: United States Military History
HIST 332: Vietnam and the Cold War
HIST 335: Western America: Law and Order, 1785-1915
HIST 343: History of the Mexican American
HIST 344: The Bill of Rights
HIST 345: New American West
HIST 347: The Old South
HIST 348: The South Since the Civil War
HIST 349: History of Crime in America, 1607-present
HIST 354: U.S. History for Future Educators
HIST 355: U.S. Environmental History
HIST 428: Food, Health, and Environment in History
HIST 431: Colonial North America
HIST 432: The Era of the American Revolution
HIST 433: The Early Republic
HIST 436: Civil War and Reconstruction, U.S. 1861-1878
HIST 437: US Gilded Age and Progressive Era
HIST 438: U.S. 1918-1945: From World War I through World War II
HIST 440: United States: 1945 to Present
HIST 446: History of Arizona and the Southwest
HIST 448: The Latin Image in American Film
HIST 449: History of American Foreign Relations to 1914
HIST 450: History of American Foreign Relations Since 1914
HIST 452: American Ethnic History
HIST 457A: Manhood and Masculinity in the United States
HIST 495B: Studies in Black America
HIST 495F: Colloquium: Topics in US History
HIST 117: History of England to 1603
HIST 118: History of England from 1603 to the Present
HIST 203: The Ancient Mediterranean: Power and Identity
HIST 204: Ancient History: Greek History
HIST 205: Ancient History: Roman History
HIST 207: Games and Play in Medieval and Early Modern Europe
HIST 214B: Europe from Revolution to Post-Communism
HIST 255: Life in Early Modern Europe, c. 1450- c. 1800
HIST 314A: Europe 1870-1945: War, Peace and Social Change
HIST 314B: Europe Since 1945
HIST 317: History of Modern Ireland
HIST 317A: History of Early Modern Ireland
HIST 319: History of Early Modern Germany
HIST 320: Tudor-Stuart England 
HIST 321A: Britain 1700-1914: Industry & Empire
HIST 321B: Britain 1914 - Present: Great War to Cool Britannia
HIST 325: History of France: Development of the Modern French State, 1815-Present
HIST 374: The Holocaust
HIST 403A: History of Greece: Democracy, War, and Empire in the 5th Century BCE
HIST 403C: Social & Cultural History of Classical Greece
HIST 404A: History of Rome: The Republic to the Death of Caesar
HIST 404B: History of Rome: The Empire through the Reign of Constantine the Great
HIST 405A: Medieval Europe
HIST 405B: Medieval Europe
HIST 408: The Renaissance
HIST 409: The Reformation
HIST 412A: European Enlightenments
HIST 415: Cultural History of Modern Germany
HIST 416A: Rise and Fall of European Empires
HIST 419: The French Enlightenment
HIST 420: The French Revolution and Napoleon
HIST 422: History of Russia to 1917
HIST 425: History of the Soviet Union
HIST 455: History of Women in Europe
HIST 456A: Paradise Lost: History of Anarchism in Europe
HIST 465B: History of Spain: Early Modern Spain, 1100 to 1700
HIST 465C: History of Spain: Imperial Spain, 1700 to 1898
HIST 465D: History of Spain: Contemporary Spain,1868 to the Present
HIST 465E: History of Spain: Modern Spanish Cultural Studies
HIST 486: The Ancient World in Film
HIST 495A: Studies in Early Europe
HIST 495C: Topics in Modern European History
HIST 497B: Performance, Sport, and Spectacle in the Ancient Mediterranean
HIST 324: History of Puerto Rico
HIST 351: Race and Class in Latin America
HIST 352: Slavery in Latin America
HIST 361: The U.S.-Mexico Border Region
HIST 368: Colonial Mexico
HIST 369: Mexico Since Its Independence
HIST 373: Politics of Health and Medicine in the Americas: From Historical Roots to Contemporary Developments
HIST 400A: Colony to Nation to the 21st Century: Politics and Culture in Chilean History
HIST 443: Natural Resources and the Law in the Spanish Borderlands of North America
HIST 461: The Spanish Conquest
HIST 464: History of Argentina
HIST 465Z: History of Central America
HIST 467: Twentieth-century Latin America
HIST 469: Gender and Sexuality in Latin American History
HIST 495G: Topics in Latin American History
HIST 208: History of Africa
HIST 270: Modern East Asia
HIST 308: The African Slave Trades
HIST 371A: History of Muslim Societies
HIST 371B: History of Muslim Societies, 1500 to Present
HIST 376: Communist China: History and Narrative
HIST 383: Religion and State in Islam
HIST 395A: Topics in African History
HIST 403B: History of the Hellenistic World
HIST 404C: Cleopatra: Power, Passion, Propaganda
HIST 443: Environmental History of the Middle East
HIST 445: Women in Islamic History
HIST 471: A History of Migrations in the Modern Middle East, North Africa, and the Mediterranean World
HIST 472: History of Medieval India
HIST 473: History of Modern India and Pakistan
HIST 476: Modern China
HIST 476U: The Chinese City: Comparative Perspectives
HIST 479: Ottoman Empire to 1800
HIST 495E: Struggle and Survival: Modern Mid East and North Africa, c. 1850 - Present
HIST 496C: The Literature of Identity in the Modern Middle East
HIST 271: The History of Christianity
HIST 310: The Black Death
HIST 311: History of Epidemics
HIST 312: Economy and Society in Historical Discourse
HIST 328: Cuisine, Culture, and Power
HIST 353: World History for Future Educators
HIST 356: Global Environmental History
HIST 358: Natural History of Disasters
HIST 375: Histories of Memories
HIST 388: Slavery in World History
HIST 401: Revolutions of the Mind: Nineteenth-Century Ideas and Their Contemporary Legacy
HIST 402: Imperial Cities
HIST 407: Perpetual Revolutions: A History of the Bicycle
HIST 411: Human Sexuality in World History
HIST 412B: The Role of the Intellectual in 20th-Century Europe
HIST 427: Work, Culture, Power
HIST 453: Women and Work
HIST 458: Topics in Comparative Women’s History
HIST 474: History of Human Rights, Citizenship, and Refugee Law
HIST 477: Comparative History of World Revolutions
HIST 478A: The Global Sixties
HIST 483: Mapping the Past: The History of Cartography
HIST 490: Philosophy of History
HIST 495K: Colloquium on World History


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