What Can I Do With a History Major?

When I graduate, what can I do with my degree in history? 

Short answer: anything you want!  Studying History gives you "an intangible edge."

A survey of History majors shows history students finding jobs in virtually every sector of the 21st-century economy.  History students are making e a difference at every level and all over the world.  They have shared their passion for history in classrooms, courtrooms, cruise ships, museums, foreign embassies, government offices, newspaper columns, corporate board rooms, and “on the streets” giving walking tours of historical districts.  They have done it by being teachers, photo archivists, Peace Corps volunteers, researchers for non-profit organizations, UNICEF officers, journalists, consultants and more. They're in good company: Famous History Majors include world leaders and game changers.

Here are what some of our majors are doing now -- click on their names to find out more! 


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