Spring 2024 Courses

Looking for an exciting course this coming spring? Check out a few of our upcoming history courses.

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Highlighted Spring 2024 Courses

HIST 187: Murder Most Foul:  US History through 'Flashpoint' Murder Cases

Instructor: Prof. Katie Hemphill
Fully online, full semester


Exploring Perspectives (Humanist)

What can murder teach us about history? How can we understand high-profile murders from a historical perspective? In this course, we’ll examine several murder cases from the colonial period to the twentieth century in order to explore the major social, political, and cultural issues illuminated by the homicides and the resulting trials. Some of the cases covered will likely be familiar to you; others have lapsed into historical obscurity over the course of centuries. Each of them, however, was a “flashpoint” murder at its time—that is, a murder that took place during a period of social upheaval and that generated a great deal of public attention and controversy. In what sense can we understand these crimes and their prosecutions as a product of their times, and what can the crimes tell us about the values and attitudes of people in the past? 


HIST 187: Murder Most Foul Course Flyer_Spring 2024


HIST 375A: History of Memories in the 19th Century

Instructor: Prof. Susan Crane

T/Th 11-12:15

This new course examines histories of memories through institutions and technologies that facilitate recall: museums, photography and cinema, print media and visual culture, as well as academic disciplines which emerged in the 19th century to study memory phenomena. Topics include: histories of history, psychology, archaeology and paleontology; the human body as a site of memory (tattoos, funerary practices); Napoleonic and Civil War memorials; theories of extinction; the first public museums; tourism and souvenirs.


HIST 498: Senior Research Capstone

Three options for Spring 2024:

  • HIST 498  (Prof. Gregory Cushman) – T/Th 12:30-1:45
  • HIST 498 (Prof. Kevin Gosner) - M/W 3-4:15
  • HIST 498 (Prof. Paul Milliman) - online


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