Gwyen Raamat

Gwyen Raamat

M.A. Student, Early European History
Graduate Assistant
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I am originally from Oakland, CA but have lived all over the United States finally settling in Tucson in 2012. I returned to college to finish by B.A. after a long professional career and graduate from the History Department here at the University of Arizona in May 2023. I am now an M.A. candidate, focusing on a gender study of Livia Drusilla and Cleopatra and how they have been represented throughout history and modern pop culture. 

Along with Livia and Cleopatra, I have other interested in history that are far and wide ranging. In my undergraduate I focused much of my studies on Richard I, aka Richard the Lionheart, and his abilities as king, military leader and his representation in modern film and television. I have been studying the history of battle in desert terrain, especially Northern Africa, the Arabian Peninsula and the Middle East, since my first time at university. This study focuses on a thin line through time starting with Alexander the Great and ends with Erwin Rommel. A personal endeavor which I have been working on for many years is a collective memory history of Estonian immigration during and after WWII, time spent in DP camps and life in the United States. I am the daughter of an Estonian immigrant and wish to capture the experiences of a cultural generation before they are lost in time. But at the end of the day, I love learning, discovering and experiencing all cultures and histories.