Myrsini Manney-Kalogera

Ph.D. Student, Middle Eastern History

I am a first year PhD student focusing on social history and minority communities in the late Ottoman Empire. Specifically, I am interested in minority educational movements throughout the Tanzimat and Hamidian periods, and the ways in which these connected to state reforms and broader conversations around identity in the nineteenth century. 

I received my Master's degree in 2017 from SOAS, University of London, with a focus in Near and Middle Eastern History. My Master's Dissertation, titled "Tutors and Saviors: The Vlach School Movement in Late Ottoman Macedonia, 1864-1908", focused on Vlach language schools in nineteenth-century Rumeli, and explored the ways in which school attendance and curricula were influenced by broader imperial educational trends and nationalist ideas. I also hold a Bachelor's degree in History and English from Columbia University.