Myrsini Manney-Kalogera

Ph.D. Student, Middle Eastern History

Graduate Associate Teacher

I am a third-year Ph.D. student, focusing on education in the eighteenth and nineteenth-century Ottoman Empire. I specifically work on non-Muslim educational movements in the Ottoman Balkans, and their links to the broader patronage networks of the eighteenth century. My research incorporates comparative history methodologies and pays special attention to intellectual exchange within the Ottoman Empire and beyond it. I am also interested in women's education. 

I received my Master's degree in 2017 from SOAS, University of London, with a focus in Near and Middle Eastern History. My Master's Dissertation, titled "Tutors and Saviors: The Vlach School Movement in Late Ottoman Macedonia, 1864-1908", focused on Vlach language schools in nineteenth-century Rumeli, and explored the ways in which school attendance and curricula were influenced by broader imperial educational trends and nationalist ideas. I also hold a Bachelor's degree in History and English from Columbia University.