Adam Donaldson

Program Coordinator

Adjunct Instructor

As the Program Coordinator for the Department of History, I work closely with the Director of Undergraduate Studies and the Director of Graduate Studies in order to facilitate the orderly functioning of our degree programs.  I help oversee departmental scheduling and course enrollments as Undergraduate Coordinator.  As Graduate Coordinator I assist our graduate students administratively and serve as a point of contact for them within the Department.  

As an Adjunct Instructor, I am a historian of the ancient Greco-Roman Mediterranean, with a particular focus on the Roman Republic.  My academic specialization is ancient slavery and slave rebellion.  As a historian I am particularly interested in social class and the contested nature of wealth/wealth distribution in ancient societies.  Additionally, I have a strong interest in military history, particularly pre-modern military history, and the history of violence.  Examples of courses I have recently taught:

  • History 205 "Introduction to Roman History"
  • History 301 "Introduction to the Study of History"
  • History 315 "US Military History"
  • History 404A "History of the Roman Republic"