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Course No. Course Name Description

HIST 500A Colony to Nation to the 21st Century: Politics and Culture in Chilean History In this course the history of Chilean nation-building from the early colonial roots to the 21st Century will be analyzed. Focus is on political, social, and cultural histories of the country, giving attention to the unique characteristics of Chilean national developments. At the same time, connecting its historical idiosyncrasies to larger regional characteristcs and to the trajectory that shaped Latin American developments from colonial encounters, to independence, to contemporary challenges. Graduate-level requirements include bi-weekly meetings to discuss additional readings. Graduate students don't write short papers but will take the exams with the undergraduates. Their grades consist of different components. Please see syllabus.

HIST 561 The Spanish Conquest The impact of conquest and Spanish rule on the native peoples of Mexico, Central American, Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador. Topics include: conquest and ecology; land and labor; religion and culture; adaptation and resistance. Graduate level requirements include an additional essay.

HIST 564 History of Argentina Survey of Argentine history and culture from the colonial era to the present. Graduate level requirements include an indepth research paper on an approved topic.

HIST 565Z History of Central America A survey of the history of Central America from the Spanish conquest to the present, focusing of regional economies, ethnic and class conflict, and the politics of state formation. Graduate level requirements include an 8 to 10 page historiographic essay, additional readings, mid-term and final exam.

HIST 567 Twentieth-century Latin America Revolution, social change and reaction in Latin America from 1930 to the present. Graduate level requirements include an indepth paper on a topic approved by the instructor.

HIST 569 Gender and Sexuality in Latin American History
This course explores selected themes in Latin American history through gender as a category of historical analysis.  Students will examine histories of men, women, gender and sexuality in different countries and regions of the Americas.  Graduate-level requirements include an in-depth research paper on a topic approved by the instructor.

HIST 695B Advanced Studies in Latin American History The exchange of scholarly information and/or secondary research, usually in a small group setting. Instruction often includes lectures by several different persons. Research projects may/may not be required of course registrants.

HIST 696J Latin America: Modern Period The development and exchange of scholarly information, usually in a small group setting. The scope of work shall consist of research by course registrants, with the exchange of the results of such research through discussion, reports, and/or papers.


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