Spring 2018 Graduate Courses

HIST 511: Human Sexuality in World History

Professor David Ortiz


HIST/AFAS 536: The Civil War and Reconstruction

Professor Katie Hemphill


HIST/GWS 558: Topics in Comparative Women's History

Professor Erika Perez


HIST/MENA 573: History of Modern India and Pakistan: 1750-Present

Professor Richard Eaton


HIST/MENA 579: Ottoman Empire to 1800

Professor Linda Darling


HIST/LAS 595G: The Making of US-Mexico Shared Cultural Heritages

Professor Luis Coronado-Guel


HIST 695A: Advanced Studies in US History

Professor Jeremy Vetter


HIST/LAS 695B: Advanced Studies in Latin American History

Professor Jadwiga Pieper 


HIST 695I: World History Seminar

Professor Richard Eaton


HIST 696J: Latin America

Professor Kevin Gosner


HIST 696F: Division Seminar (Europe)

Professor Beth Plummer

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

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