Undergraduate Latin America Courses

These are the courses offered by the History Department to fulfill this requirement.  You may also use cross-listed courses.

Course No. Course Name Description
HIST 324 History of Puerto Rico This course examines the history of the oldest colonial territory of the United States. We will study Puerto Rico as an example of U.S. foreign policy toward Latin America and as an island with a long history of confrontation with foreign occupiers.
HIST 351 Race + Class in Lat Am The impact of commercial expansion, urbanization, industrialization, and ideological change on race and class relations in Latin America from the 16th to early 20th century.
HIST 352 Slavery in Latin America A broadly comparative introduction to slavery in Latin America and the Caribbean. Exploration of slavery, the use of slave labor, and the daily lives of slaves and slave owners in different settings and different cultures.
HIST 368 Colonial Mexico From discovery through the War for Independence.
HIST 369 Mex Since Independence Struggle for political, economic and social stability; international relations, cultural patterns.
HIST 400A Colony to Nation to the 21st Century: Politics and Culture in Chilean History In this course the history of Chilean nation-building from the early colonial roots to the 21st Century will be analyzed. Focus is on political, social, and cultural histories of the country, giving attention to the unique characteristics of Chilean national developments. At the same time, connecting its historical idiosyncrasies to larger regional characteristcs and to the trajectory that shaped Latin American developments from colonial encounters, to independence, to contemporary challenges.
Hist 427 Work, Culture, and Power History of work, cross-culturally and over time, including slavery, agricultural, artisanal, and industrial work, unions and workers' political movements, and labor market segmentation by gender and race, sweatshops and migration.
HIST 453 History of Women + Work Statement of purpose: Why should we study women's work? Is work the key to women's power or to their continuing subordination? What defines "women's work" and do only women do it? Are gendered divisions of labor an inescapable fact of nature, or do they have a history? What types of work have women performed from society to society, across time and space? How have historical and cultural contexts affected women's work? In this course we will examine women's work in a variety of societies in the past and present, asking how women's lives were shaped by their work, and how their work in turn made a difference in shaping their societies. We will also attempt better to understand what may be common to women and their work in different places and times, and how to account for the many differences. Like other upper-division history courses, this one demands substantial reading and writing. Graduate students will do additional readings for their papers, and meet with the instructor periodically to discuss them.
HIST 461 The Spanish Conquest The impact of conquest and Spanish rule on the native peoples of Mexico, Central American, Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador. Topics include: conquest and ecology; land and labor; religion and culture; adaptation and resistance.
HIST 464 History of Argentina Survey of Argentine history and culture from the colonial era to the present.
HIST 465Z History Central America A survey of the history of Central America from the Spanish conquest to the present, focusing of regional economies, ethnic and class conflict, and the politics of state formation.
HIST 466 History of Brazil History of Brazil from 1500 to the present.
HIST 467 Contemporary Lat America Revolution, social change and reaction in Latin America from 1930 to the present.
HIST 469 Hist Women Latin America Women's history in Latin America from the Conquest to the present.
HIST 475A Ancient+Classical-200 BC In-depth treatment of major premodern eras; Ancient and classical, to 200 BC.
HIST 475B Early Empire/200BC-200AD In-depth treatment of major premodern eras; Early Empire 200 BC to 200 AD.
HIST 475D New Empire: 750-1350 AD In-depth treatment of major premodern eras; New Empire, 750 to 1350 AD.
HIST 475E Late Empire 1350-1800 AD In-depth treatment of major premodern eras; Late Empire, 1350 to 1800 AD.
HIST 495G Topics: Latin American History  
HIST 495K Colloquium: World History  


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