Undergraduate Africa, Asia, & the Middle East Courses

These are the courses offered by the History Department to fulfill this requirement.  You may also use cross-listed courses.

Course No. Course Name Description
HIST 270 Modern East Asia This course explores the formation of modern East Asian nations and of the idea of East Asia itself in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It examines the interrelated histories of China, Japan, and Korea and the forces that forged modernity in East Asia: wars, colonialism, imperialism, Cold War geopolitics, nationalism and socialism. The course presents an overview of large historical processes, but introduces different perspectives by looking at how individuals narrated their experiences in memoirs, diaries, short stories, novels, and films.
HIST 272 Japanese Civilization The study of the evolution of Japanese social values, aesthetic expression, religion and political institutions in order to understand Japan's cultural heritage and contemporary society.
HIST 275 History of China Historical development of China to 750 AD.
HIST 277A History of Middle East Middle East history from the rise of Islam to the Turkish conquest of Constantinople, 600 -1453.
HIST 372A Hist+Reli: Israel Anc Tim Survey of the history and religion of ancient Israel. Biblical period through the Babylonian Exile; introduction to the Hebrew bible.
HIST 377 Modern Israel Evolution of the State of Israel from the rise of Zionism in 19th Century Europe to the present. Survey of the origins of the State of Israel from the rise of Zionism in 19th century Europe to the Declaration of the State of Israel in 1948. Evolution of the State of Israel from 1949 to the present. Emphasis on interactive generative processes and understanding of the interplay between past processes and present socio-political realities.
HIST 379 Ottom Turk Emp 1300-1924 A survey of Ottoman history noting its expansion into Europe and the Middle East and its political and social institutions.
HIST 381A Hist of Muslim Societies Rise of Islam, creation of Islamic society, relationship of religion and politics.
HIST 383 Religion/State+Islam Examines the changing relationship between Islam and politics from the time of the Prophet to the present day.
HIST 384 Topics African History Regional and/or thematic topics in precolonial, colonial and postcolonial African history, including oral tradition, slavery, religious movements, health and healing, imperialism and and political economy.
HIST 385 Nomad Warriors Turks and Mongols in the Middle East, Conquests, interaction of nomadic culture and politics with Islamic religion and civilization, legacy of Turco-Mongol rule.
HIST 401 Ancient Mesopotamia Sumerian, Babylonian, and Assyrian civilization from the first cuneiform documents to the fall of the neo-Babylonian empire, with special attention to issues of sociopolitical organization.
HIST 402A Econ Hist Islamic World An introduction to the economic history of the Islamic world from the 7th century to the present day.
HIST 439 Hist N Africa: Islam-Mod History of the peoples, cultures and societies of North Africa, present day Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya from the Islamic conquests to the post-colonial era. Includes Islamic Spain and the Ottoman Period, but focuses on the modern era and themes of imperialism, nationalism, and Islamic reform.
HIST 444 Islamic Mysticism Origin and development of Sufism and its impact on Muslim and non-Muslim worlds.
HIST 445 Women in Islamic History Examination of the roles women have played throughout Islamic history and of the changing discourse in the Islamic community about women and their roles.
HIST 468A Asia and the West Processes of interaction between Europeans and the peoples and cultures of the Middle East, South Asia, and East Asia, from the Portuguese explorations to the present.
HIST 470 Religious Hist of India Development of major religious traditions of South Asia; Vedic Religion, Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism, Sikhism and Islam.
HIST 471 A History of Migrations in the Modern Middle East,  North Africa, And the Mediterranean World, c. 1800-2010 This course addresses a range of historical problems associated with “people on the move.”  Employing the concepts of migration and mobility as theoretical perspectives, we examine the major forces at work in the region from about 1800 until the present: imperialisms, settler colonialism, capitalism and labor markets, shifting gender norms, changing legal regimes, education, environmental degradation, and debates about cultural/religious authenticity—in short, modernities.
HIST 472 History Medieval India Survey of Indian history from 7th century to 1750.
HIST 473 Hist India+Pak:1750-Pres Survey of political, social and economic developments in South Asia from the mid-18th century to the present. Writing emphasis for India-Pakistan specialization.
HIST 474A Hist Japan:Earliest Time 1500 Social, cultural, economic and political history of Japan; From earliest times to 1500.
HIST 474B Hist Japan: 1500–1800 Social, cultural, economic and political history of Japan; 1500-1800.
HIST 474C Japan: 1800– Present Social, cultural, economic and political history of Japan; 1800-Present.
HIST 476 Modern China Survey of political, social, economic and cultural transformations undergone by China from ca. 1800 to the present. Provides students with a sense of both the major themes and the substance of the last two centuries of history of one of the world's major civilizations, as well as a better understanding of China's prominent position in the world today.
HIST 479 Ottoman Empire to 1800 History of Ottoman Empire from its origins through the direct Western European impact, focusing on the political and social history of the empire in Europe and Asia.
HIST 480 Middl East in 20th Cent The modern Middle East in the age of imperialism, world wars, state formation, decolonization, and Islamic resistance. This is a writing emphasis course.
HIST 482 Social History of China Formation of ancient Chinese society; organization of families and clans; social stratification, mobility, conflict and control in traditional China and transformation from traditional to modern society.
HIST 484 Hist Arab/Israeli Confl 1800-Pres Origins of Zionism and Palestinian and other Arab nationalisms from the 19th century and the post-1948 Arab-Israel state conflict in the Cold War era.
HIST 485B Scl,Clt+Pol Hist Iranian 7th Cntry-Pres The Iranian plateau in the modern era of western imperialism and nationalistic Islamic responses.
HIST 486 Nomad Warriors Mongol and Turkish tribal warfare, government and society, especially in Central Asia and the Middle East.
HIST 489 Women in East Asia Women in traditional China and Japan; analysis of changes occurring in the modern period.
HIST 495E Strggl+Surv Mod ME+N Afr The exchange of scholarly information and/or secondary research, usually in a small group setting. Instruction often includes lectures by several different persons. Research projects may/may not be required of course registrants.


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