Dissertations by Our Graduate Students Sorted by Field of Study


NO Name Program Dissertation Title

1. Abi Chakra, Ziad Africa, Asia And The Middle East  

2. Atamaz-Hazar, Serpil Africa, Asia And The Middle East Women and Gender in the Constitutional Revolutions in Ottoman Empire and Qajar Iran.

3. Inal, Onur Africa, Asia And The Middle East  

4. Rathee, Vikas Africa, Asia And The Middle East  

5. Buehler, Paul Early Europe  

6. Clark, Sean Early Europe  

7. Donaldson, Adam Early Europe  

8. Donlan, Thomas Early Europe  

9. Ellis-Marino, Elizabeth Early Europe  

10. Kang, Julie Early Europe "Winning the Catholic Reformation through the Conversion of Female Protestants: The Education of Les Nouvelles Catholiques in 17th Century France."

11. Kovel, Mary Early Europe "Material Culture and Identity: Headcoverings in Early Modern England."

12. Kuhn, Samantha Early Europe  

13. Mueller, Rebecca Early Europe  

14. Newhouse, Amy Early Europe  

15. Alexander, Anna Latin America  

16. Alexander, Ryan Latin America  

17. Coronado Guel, Luis Latin America  

18. Furlong, Matthew Latin America  

19. Galindo, Anabel Latin America  

20. Gallien, Kathryn Latin America  

21. Garcia, Octavio Latin America  

22. Goode, Tracy Latin America "Etxekoak inperioa: a Basque Family Empire in the 18th Century Global Economy."

23. Henson, Elizabeth Latin America "Madera 1965: Armed Agrarian Revolt in the Sierra of Chichuahua."

24. Herrera, Ricardo Latin America  

25. Hidalgo, Alexander Latin America  

26. Howard, Sarah Latin America  

27. Kashanipour, Ryan Latin America  

28. Kiddle, Amelia Latin America Mexican Relations with Latin American during the Presidency of Lázaro Cárdenas, 1934-1940

29. Korowin, Erika Latin America Crafting a New Nation: Cultural Politics on the Chilean Road to Socialism, 1970-1973.

30. Lopez, Amanda Latin America Living with the Dead in Revolutionary Mexico, 1910-1930.

31. Mangraviti, Max Latin America  

32. Martinez, Ignacio Latin America  

33. Merriam-Castro, Kelley Latin America  

34. Montano, Diana Latin America  

35. Moss, Zahra Latin America  

36. Munro, Lisa Latin America  

37. Ralston, Tyler Latin America "Social Change, Populist Politics, and Popular Memory: The Baixada Fluminense and the Legendary Tenorio Cavalcanti, 1945-1964."

38. Schott, Cory Latin America  

39. Scott, Robert Latin America  

40. Ayers, Rachel Modern Europe  

41. Landry, Stan Modern Europe That All May be One: Ecumenism, Memory, and Confessional Identity in Nineteenth-Century Germany

42. Acosta, Salvador United States "Crossing Borders, Erasing Boundaries: Inter:Ethnic Marriages in Tucson, 1854-1930."

43. Bennett, Pamela United States "Sometimes Freedom Wears a Women's Face: Native American Women Veterans of World War II."

44. Burtner, Marcus United States  

45. Capaldo, Stephanie United States  

46. Duffy, Sean United States Shell Game: The American and Afghan Opium Relationship.

47. Grey, Amy United States  

48. Haigh, Jane United States Political Power, Patronage, and Protection Rackets: Municipal Politics and Corruption in Denver, 1889-1904.

49. Hulden, Vilja United States  

50. Jagodinsky, Katrina United States "Racial and Gendered Aspects of State Formation in Western Borderlands: A Comparative Study of Oregon and Arizona Territories."

51. Johnson, Tai United States  

52. Kimura, Masami United States  

53. Lockhart, James Douglas United States  

54. Pierce, Mary United States  

55. Pit, Chrystel United States "We Are A Force, And No Longer A Flock: Mexican Americans in the Bayou City, 1965-1986."

56. Prendergast, Neil United States  

57. Prins, Megan United States  

58. Redhouse, Gregory United States  

59. Sitterud, Mindi United States  

60. Zenger, Robin United States  

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