Information on Writing Assistance and Honors Studies

Writing Assistance for History Majors

The History Department's writing assistance service offers writing aid and support to University of Arizona undergraduate students enrolled in one or more history courses. To utilize the service, visit the History Department website to find contact information and office hours for this semester’s writing consultant: The website also provides links to basic writing tips and resources for writing history papers.


Honors Students

Are you an Honors Student?

Honors students are encouraged to consult regularly with the History honors major advisor, Professor Susan Crane (Social Sciences 237A, 621-1113,

If you are an honors history major and wish to graduate with Honors in History, you must complete a thesis in History in addition to completing all history major requirements. The thesis generally takes two semesters, and should only be undertaken after completion of HST 396. At least one section of HST 396H will be offered for Honors students each semester.

Since the department offers very few specifically Honors-designated courses, Honors students can contract with faculty members to turn a non-Honors course into an Honors experience.

If you are a senior in terms of units taken, you are also eligible to register for 500-level courses that are listed as 400/500. By taking the course under the graduate number, you will meet with graduate students and complete the same assignments they do. You need to get a petition in the Administration building and obtain the instructor’s signature before being allowed to register under the 500 number.


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