Cory Schott receives PAT Award

Great news:

Our own Cory Schott has just won the Phi Alpha Theta Award for the best paper presented in Latin American History at the Phi Alpha Theta Regional Conference "Conflict and Cooperation" at Arizona State University!!!

His paper "From Indentured Servants to Active Citizens: Chinese Immigrant Labor and Peruvian National Identity, 1850-1930" is part of a larger project he develops for the Seminar in Latin American History this semester.Please note that the papers of the other presenters in our panel were very well received as well, three works in progress only a few points short of Cory's work:

  • Erika Korowin, "Horses, Heroes, and Hierarchies: Examining Identity and Power Through Chilean Rodeo, 1870-1950."
  • Joshua Santiago, "Creating an Image: Public Discourse, Self-Promotion, and the Construction of Military Power in Brazil."
  • Andres Guzman, "A Struggle within the Struggle: Understanding the Rise and Decline of Argentina's Popular Protest Movements."



Published Date: 

2011/04/27 - 8:48pm
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

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