Spring 2006 Commencement

Friday, May 12, 2006 - Department of History Commencement Luncheon and Ceremony, 11 am at Inn Suites Hotel.

Dear Graduating Senior:

As Commencement approaches, the University of Arizona faculty and staff bids fond farewell and offers their warmest congratulations to graduating students. It is now your turn to be formally recognized for your achievement. In recognition of that achievement, the Department of History hosts its very own reception for graduating students. This will be a special and memorable occasion where graduates, their families, and friends will be able to mingle in an intimate setting and reminisce about their experiences as a history major. Graduates are recognized individually and are encouraged to say a few words at the reception.

On behalf of the department, I extend a cordial invitation to you and your family to attend the Department of History’s Commencement Reception on Friday, Friday, May 12, 2006 at 11:00 p.m. at the Inn Suites Hotel (Downtown), 475 North Granada, in the Ballroom. A luncheon buffet will be served. Please feel free to invite any faculty members who were instrumental in contributing to your educational development and accomplishments during your time in the Department of History.

If you are unable to attend the reception but are still planning to graduate in May or August, please let Vicki know so that she can update the graduate list.

Congratulations once again! I hope you enjoy your remaining time at the University of Arizona. We look forward to seeing you at the reception.


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