History Honors Major Requirements

Honors Major Advising

AY 2018-19: Prof. Susan Crane, scrane@email.arizona.edu

Fall 2018 Office Hours: Tuesdays 10-10:50, Thursdays 12:30-1:00 and by appointment (email to schedule)

See the Advising page for History Honors advising office hours and SBS advising hours. The history honors major advisor maintains a listserv for honors history majors and minors, to keep you posted about new course offerings and campus events of interest to history students. Check in with your advisor once a semester!

See the Honors College Info page for questions about honors status and Honors College requirements.

History Honors Major Course Requirements

You can check history major requirements by catalog year in the General Catalog, as well as here. Some courses can be used to "double dip" within the major, but you cannot double dip between Gen Ed and the major. See university policy on double dipping. AP credits may count towards the major, but only if you have not used them for Gen Ed.

History offers more upper-division than lower-division courses. Only HIST 498/496H has a prerequisite (HIST 301). Once you're a history major, you can take basically any course that interests you. History courses tend to be reading- and writing- intensive.  If you don't love doing either of those, you probably don't want to be a history major!

History offers very few stand-alone Honors courses, but one course is directed towards first year students: HIST 120H, a topical course whose subject varies from year to year. You can count on six units of honors credit for your senior thesis, and possibly three units in an honors section of the required capstone seminar, HIST 496H. If you need honors credits, you might want to consider asking your history course instructor about Contracting; note that this is usually not accepted in the major required courses, HIST 301 or HIST 498/HIST 496H.  

History offers several co-convened undergraduate/graduate-level courses of interest to majors, for which you can earn honors credit -- look for HIST 4XX-5XX courses and talk to the instructor about enrolling in the 500-level section.

**Remember: you need to complete HIST 498/496H: Senior Capstone before you sign up for the one-year HIST 498H: Honors Thesis.  Honors students are advised to complete the senior capstone in their junior year.

Study Abroad

The Honors College offers honors credits in the five study abroad programs that they sponsor.  You can also earn history credits on almost any accredited study abroad program.  Consider taking advantage of this terrific opportunity to travel while you earn credit towards graduation and your major!


HIST 498H: Honors Thesis in History

Don't get them confused:

HIST 498/HIST 496H = Senior Capstone, a History Major Requirement

HIST 498H = Honors Thesis

​**Before you sign up for the honors thesis, you  must complete the senior capstone course successfully.**

To graduate with Honors in History, you must complete an honors thesis. A History honors graduate (who's now in a History PhD program) created An essential "how to" guide for the honors thesis in History -- you should definitely read this!

You must also complete and submit the Honors Thesis Prospectus (link included on this site) at the end of the semester prior to beginning the thesis.

To select a thesis advisor: consult with the history honors major advisor or, if you already have someone in mind, contact them directly the semester before you want to start your thesis. A faculty thesis supervisor can be any historian in the department, or a faculty member in another department (with prior approval from the history honors advisor), but s/he must be a full-time university faculty member (not a graduate student or adjunct faculty member). Once a faculty member agrees to supervise your thesis, have them sign an Add form for the semester you will begin the thesis.

An essential "how to" guide for the honors thesis in History


HIST 396H: History Honors Thesis Workshop

This is a one-unit workshop for History Honors majors who are engaged in the research and writing of their honors thesis.  It will be scheduled whenever there is sufficient interest -- so be sure to let Dr. Crane know when you submit your prospectus!

The workshop will meet semi-regularly. The goal of the workshop is to provide mentoring and support for students as they progress with the thesis, from initial research, to narrowing the topic and creating the preliminary research proposal, to writing and revising. Thesis students will continue to work directly with their thesis advisers; the workshop is supplemental to the required 3 units of thesis supervision each semester.  Workshop participants will earn one unit of honors and history elective credit.

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