Fall 2022 Courses

Looking for an exciting course this fall? Check out a few of our upcoming history courses.

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Highlighted Fall 2022 Courses

HIST 353: World History for Future Educators

Instructor: Kevin Gosner
Fully online 7W2

This one-semester, 3-unit World History survey introduces History and Education majors to concepts, topics, and methods for teaching World and Comparative history at the appropriate level for K-12 students.  The class covers the entire span of human history, from pre-history and antiquity to the medieval and early modern periods to the industrial revolution and the contemporary world.  Topics include: the origins of complex human social and political organization; the history of transcontinental and transoceanic migrations; the development of agriculture and early city-states; regional histories and global economies; religion and the rise of early empires; modern state formation; and the cultural impact of technological innovation.

HIST 405C: Food in the Global Middle Ages

Instructor: Paul Milliman
Fully online 7W2







HIST 498: Senior Research Capstone

Options for fall 2022 include:

  • HIST 498 (001/021): Sports History as U.S. History (Prof. Erika Pérez) – Mondays and Wednesdays, 2:00-3:15 p.m.
  • HIST 498 (102/122/202): History of Capitalism or National Parks in History (Prof. Jeremy Vetter) – Fully Online
  • HIST 498 (105/125/225): Voices of the Enslaved in Global History or Food and Cuisine in Global History (Prof. Benjamin Lawrance) - Fully Online 


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