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Karen Anderson
Emeritus Professor of History
Email: karena@email.arizona.edu

Karen Anderson is a Professor of History.

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Alan E. Bernstein
Emeritus Professor
Email: aebern@email.arizona.edu

            In my research, I explore the origins of belief in hell and especially how postmortem retribution emerged from among competing conceptions of death where punishment was absent.  My  multidisciplinary approach...

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Gail Bernstein
Emeritus Professor of History
Email: glbernst@email.arizona.edu



B.A. (1959), Barnard College M.A. (1961), Radcliffe College Ph.D.(1968), Harvard University


John King Fairbank prize of American Historical Association (1977) for Japanese Marxist (Harvard University Press,...
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Richard Cosgrove
Emeritus Professor of History
Email: rcosgrov@email.arizona.edu


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Leonard Dinnerstein
Emeritus Professor of History
Email: dinnerst@email.arizona.edu

We are truly sorry to hear of the loss of our colleague, Leonard Dinnerstein, on Tuesday, January 22, 2019. 



University of Arizona

1970-2004 Professor of History 1993-2000 Director, Judaic Studies

University of Colorado Summer, 1985...

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Donna Guy
Emeritus Professor of History
Email: donna.guy.60@gmail.com
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Susan Karant-Nunn
Regents' Professor of History
Email: karantnu@email.arizona.edu

My research focuses on the social and cultural history of early modern Europe, with emphasis on the German-speaking lands during the Reformation. My interdisciplinary research on the religious history of early modern Europe (1400-1800) illuminates questions that remain urgent today. Beginning...

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Jack Marrieta
Emeritus Professor
Email: jack-marrieta@ns.arizona.edu

Please visit my website at http://www.u.arizona.edu/~marietta/.

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Oscar Martinez
Professor of History
Email: martineo@email.arizona.edu

I offer undergraduate courses in the History of Mexico, History of Mexican Americans, History of the U.S.-Mexico Border Region, and the Nature and Practice of History. These courses are organized topically and chronologically. In the lecture courses students...

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Helen Nader
Emeritus Professor of History

We are saddened to learn of the death of our colleague, Helen Nader, on Monday, September 24, 2018.




1994-2006 University of Arizona, Professor
1994-96 Indiana University, Ruth N. Halls Distinguished Professor
1976-94 Indiana University...

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Roger Nichols
Emeritus Professor of History and Affiliate Professor of American Indian Studies
Email: nichols@email.arizona.edu
Office: CHVZ 403J

Curriculum Vitae

General field: U.S. History

Research fields:


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Hermann Rebel
Emeritus Professor of History
Email: hrebel@email.arizona.edu



In my research work I pursue a specific "world system" approach to focus on the historical devolution of a German-speaking region in the Austrian empire,...

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Michael Schaller
Emeritus Professor of History
Email: schaller@email.arizona.edu
TEL: 621-3831
Office: CHVZ 319F


University of Michigan , Department of History, Ph.D., 1974, "The United States and China , 1938-1945" Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Studies in Taipei , administered by Stanford University , 1971-2 University of Michigan , Department of History, M.A., 1969 State...
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Donald Weinstein
Professor Emeritus
Email: donaldweinstein@q.com
TEL: 5204555275
FAX: 5204555275

Curriculum Vitae

Born: March 13, 1926, Rochester, New York; Died: December 13, 2015, Tucson.

Schooling: Rochester, NY Public Schools

Graduation High School 1943

Employment: Bond Clothing Co, Eastman Kodak, Bausch and Lomb, New York Central Railway



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