Faculty Publications

How-to Guide for Ruin Photography
By Susan Crane & Siobhan Lyons
January 2018

Medical Anthropology
By Benjamin N. Lawrance
Taylor & Francis Online
January 2018

Border Spaces
By Katherine Morrissey & J. M. H. Warner
University of Arizona Press
January 2018

Colonial Intimacies
By Erika Pérez
Oxford University Press
January 2018

Power Memory Architecture
By Richard Eaton & Phillip B. Wagoner
Oxford University Press
December 2017

Past and Present 234 (2017), Supplement 12
By Beth Plummer & Kat Hill
Oxford Academic
November 2017

The End of Concern: Maoist China, Activism, and Asian Studies Bookcover
By Fabio Lanza
Duke University Press
October 2017

The End Of Concern
Duke University Press
October 2017

By Alan E Bernstein
Cornell University Press
June 2017

Locality, Mobility, and Nation
By Benjamin N. Lawrance
Boydell & Brewer
May 2017

Archeologies of Confession
By Beth Plummer & Carina L. Johnson, David M. Luebke, and Jesse Spohnholz
Berghahn Books Publishing
May 2017

Citizenship in Question
By Benjamin N. Lawrance & Jacqueline Stevens
Duke University Press
February 2017

Field Life
By Jeremy Vetter
University of Pittsburgh Press
November 2016

Marriage By Force
By Benjamin N. Lawrance & Annie Bunting and Richard L. Roberts
Ohio University Press
June 2016

Houston Bound
By Tyina Steptoe
University of California Press
November 2015