April 2018

Previous Events

Sun Aug 23
“‘Puritans, Hereticks, Schismaticks, Sectaries, [and] disturbers of the publike peace’: The Role of Religion in the English Civil Wars, 1642-1651”
10:15 AM
Sun Aug 16
“‘Princes are not bound to give an account of their Actions but to God alone': Charles I, William Laud, and Church Reform”
10:15 AM
Sun Aug 09
“‘The more they write, the more they shame our religion’: The Rise of Puritanism, 1563-1624”
10:15 AM
Wed Mar 11
“On the Edge of Scholastic Europe: Ramon Martí O.P. Confronts Judaism and Islam”
7:00 PM
Sun Aug 24
“‘The Stars above us, Govern our Condition’: Seeking Signs of Order in Celestial Bodies in the Early Modern Period”
10:15 AM
Sun Aug 17
“George Washington was Really Born on February 11! The Disruption of the New Gregorian Calendar 1582”
10:15 AM
Sun Aug 10
“How to Reform a Dragon: Church Calendars and Catholic Ritual in Protestant England”
10:15 AM
Sun Aug 03
“Life’s ‘Strange Eventful History’: Navigating the Early Modern Life-Cycle”
10:15 AM
Fri Apr 18
The History Graduate Association Cordially Invites You to A Flick and A Talk
5:00 PM
Wed Apr 02
“Landscape, Ancient Monuments and Memory in Early Modern Britain,” Professor Alexandra Walsham (Cambridge University)
7:00 PM
Sat Mar 08
Professor Susan Crane, "The 'Choiceless Choice' and the Children of the Holocaust"
11:00 AM
Wed Mar 05
"Space, Place, and Commemoration: New Directions in Memorial Making" - Erika Doss, Notre Dame
5:30 PM
Thu Feb 27
“Archive Politics and Historical Research in 19th-Century Central Europe” - Dr. Philipp Müller, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
3:30 PM
Thu Oct 24
Alan Rosen, "The Wonder of Their Voices: The History and Meaning of Interviewing Holocaust Survivors"
4:00 PM
Mon Oct 21
In Defense of the Book: the Future of the Scholarly Monograph
12:00 PM


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