April 2018

Previous Events

Fri Jan 11
“Knowledge and Science between the Late Sixteenth and Early Eighteenth Centuries: Reflections on their Relationship” by Kaspar von Greyerz
12:57 PM
Wed Oct 17
Laura Matthew, "Memories of Conquest: Becoming Mexicano in Colonial Guatemala"
3:30 PM
Tue Oct 16
"Votes for Women: Right or Wrong?" - a play with Q&A led by Prof. Katherine Morrissey after the performance
7:00 PM
Fri Sep 28
Julia Sarreal, "Subjects of Reform: The Guaraní and Their Missions on the South American Frontier"
2:30 PM
Thu Sep 27
Dr. E. Charles Adams, "Hopi Kachina Religion: Past and Present"
5:30 PM
Thu Sep 20
"Cleopatra: Performing Divinity" by Dr. Alison Futrell
5:30 PM
Tue Sep 18
Sanjay Subrahmayan, "Desperately Seeking Shahjahan: French Overseas Expansion and Mughal India"
4:30 PM
Fri Sep 14
Kathleen Belew, “An Army for Her Husband:” Women, Bodies, and Identity in the Racist Right Movement, 1988-1995
3:00 PM
Sun Aug 19
“Grievous Suffering Beyond Measure’: Early Voices Against Torture” by Susan Karant-Nunn, Director, Division for Late Medieval and Reformation Studies, and Regents’ Professor of History
10:15 AM
Sun Aug 12
"'Thou Shalt Not Kill!': Anabaptist Pacifism in an Age of Warfare" by Adam Hough, Ph.D. student
10:15 AM
Sun Aug 05
‘“Neither Wolves, Tigers, nor Mastiffs’: Quakers and War in the Early Modern Period” by Patrick Meeks, M.A. student
10:15 AM
Sun Jul 29
War is sweet to those who have not tried it’: Erasmus and Early Pacifism” by Amy Newhouse, Ph.D. candidate
10:15 AM
Fri Apr 27
Roman Spectacle
3:00 PM
Wed Apr 11
Last AIA Lecture of the Semester
5:00 PM
Wed Apr 11
From Criminology to Evilology
1:15 PM


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