VIRTUAL: Phi Alpha Theta Public Lecture: Ruth Oropeza

Phi Alpha Theta Public Lecture

Phi Alpha Theta Talks have gone virtual! Meet with us on Zoom next Thursday, April 2nd at 5 PM for a presentation on "History in the Time of Pandemics" by Ruth Oropeza. Infectious diseases today are the leading cause of worldwide suffering and death. In 2019, there was a recorded increase in outbreaks of Measles and Mumps in the United States. In addition to older diseases returning, there has been a rise of newer and deadlier diseases like SARS, avian flu, Ebola, and more recently COVID-19. We are currently living in the midst of the global experience of an epidemic outbreak, and this is a reminder to us all that there are still major threats to our survival as a species. While there are legitimate questions about our level of preparedness, this talk will discuss what history can bring to the conversation. 


5 p.m. April 2, 2020


Event Contacts

Katrina Kuxhausen-Derose, Phi Alpha Theta President