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Summer/Winter Session Employment
The Department of History regards undergraduate teaching as an integral part of our involvement in the University of Arizona community. Our faculty and graduate students have received Excellence in Teaching Awards from the University as well as from the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Summer/Winter Session employment opportunities are available to ABD candidates for full course responsibility. Application for Summer/Winter GAT positions is competitive.  Criteria for selection are similar to the academic year GAT selection criteria.  Announcements for Summer/Winter Session applications are circulated via the graduate student listserv.  Summer/Winter instructors are then chosen by a committee.

Summer/Winter GATs have full course responsibility including development of the course syllabus, class instruction, and grade assignment.  Because of its brevity, any Summer/Winter session is distinct from a regular academic semester.  Several months of lectures, reading, and writing must be compressed into just a few weeks.  Summer/Winter sessions are an intensive educational experience.

Courses that our graduate students have offered include:

HIST 310: The Black Death
HIST 420: French Revolution & Napoleon
HIST 381A: History of Muslim Societies
HIST 317: History of Modern Ireland
HIST 454: History of the Spanish Inquisition
HIST 254: History of Women in the United States
HIST 368: Colonial Mexico
HIST 351: Race and Class in Latin America


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