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  • Ph.D. 1969 University of Nebraska
  • M.A. 1966 University of Nebraska
  • B.A. 1964 Chico State College, Chico , CA

Current positions:

1998-      University of Arizona, Professor of History

1998-      Director, Oaxaca (Mexico) Graduate Field School in Modern Mexican History

2007-      Distinguido Profesor Visitante, El Colegio de Mexico

Forthcoming publications and current research:

·         Speak the Same Language, Sing the Same Song, Share the Same Story: Vasconcelos and Cultural Nationalism in Mexico

·         The Essential Mexico (forthcoming Oxford University Press, 2013)

·         “Popular Culture in Latin America” (Malden, MA:  Wiley-Blackwells, 2012) (with special   attention to Mexico, Argentina, Peru, and Colombia)

·         “Moments on the Malbec Trail: The Globalization of the Forgotten Grape” (in writing stage)

·         “Ephemeral Art of Daily Life: Vestiges of Public and Popular Culture Create Total History,”

                Catalogue for Pete Cecere Collection (San Antonio Museum of Art, 2013)



  • "Performance and Public Sphere: Itinerant Puppet Theatre in Nineteenth- century Mexico City "
  • The Public Sphere in Mexico , ed. by Gareth Jones ( London : University of London Press , forthcoming)


  • 1998- University of Arizona , Professor of History
  • 1998- Director, Oaxaca ( Mexico ) Graduate Field School in Modern Mexican History
  • 2007-      Distinguido Profesor Visitante, El Colegio de Mexico


  • 2003- 2005 University of Arizona , Interim Director, Center for Latin American Studies
  • 200 Tulane University, Inaugural Richard E. Greenleaf Endowed Chair in Latin American Studies
  • 1989-1998 Texas Christian University, Inaugural Neville G. Penrose Endowed Chair in Latin American History
  • 1972-1991 North Carolina State University
  • 1968-1972 State University of New York , Plattsburgh


  • Sept. 2008 Fulbright Senior Specialist, La Universidad Nacional, Bogotá, Colombia
  • Oct., 2006, La Universidad de Colima,
  • Summer, 1996 University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Summer, 1983 University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta
  • Spring, 1982 University of Texas , Austin
  • Summer, 1979 Guadalajara Summer School ( Guadalajara , Mexico )
  • Fall, 1975 University of North Carolina , Chapel Hill
  • Summer, 1970 Instituto de Estudios Ibero-Americanos, Saltillo , Mexico
  • Summer, 1968 University of Nebraska


  • Series Editor, Latin American Silhouettes (since 1989; Rowman & Littlefield) with Judy Ewell, College of William and Mary.
  • Series Editor, Jaguar Books: Topics in Latin American Affairs ( since 1991; Rowman & Littlefield) with Colin MacLachlan, Tulane University .
  • Mexico and Latin America :
  • Mexico: The New Oxford World History Series (New York: Oxford University Press, 2011)            
  • Latin American Popular Culture: An Introduction, with Linda Curcio-Nagy (Maidan, MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 2nd ed; 2011)
  • The Companion to Mexican History and Culture (Malden, MA:  Wiley-Blackwells, 2011)
  • Mexico's Crucial Century, 1810-1910: An Introduction, with Colin MacLachlan (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2010)
  • Judas at the Jockey Club & Other Episodes of Porfirian Mexico.  Spanish translation. (San Luis: Colegio de San Luis Potosí, 2010)
  • Oxford History of Mexico, edited with Michael C. Meye r(2nd edition, 2010;  Chinese translation,
  •  2013)
  • with David L. Lorey, editors, Viva Mexico , Viva La Independencia: Celebrations of September 16 ( Wilmington , DE : SR Books, 2001)
  • with Linda Curcio-Nagy, editors, Latin American Popular Culture: An Introduction ( Wilmington , DE : SR Books, 2000)
  • with Michael C. Meyer, editors, The Oxford History of Mexico ( New York : Oxford University Press, 2000)
  • with Colin MacLachlan Latin America : the Peoples and their History ( Fort Worth : Harcourt-Brace, Inc., 2000)
  • with Colin MacLachlan, El Gran Pueblo : A History of Greater Mexico , 1821-1992 (Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, Inc.,1994), 2 vols. and 1 vol. combined; second edition, 1998; third edition, 2003).
  • with Cheryl E. Martin and William E. French, eds. Rituals of Rule, Rituals of Resistance: Public Celebrations and Popular Culture in Mexico (Wilmington, DE: SR Books, 1994)
  • Judas at the Jockey Club & Other Episodes of Porfirian Mexico (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1987); paperback edition, 1989; 2 nd edition, 2004).
  • Insurgent Governor: Abraham Gonzalez and the Mexican Revolution in Chihuahua , Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press, 1973.
  • with David C. Bailey, Guide to Historical Sources and Archives of Coahuila , Mexico , East Lansing : Michigan State University , 1976. Latin American monograph no. 13.
  • with W. Dirk Raat, eds., Twentieth-Century Mexico (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1986; 2nd printing, 1989; 3rd printing, 1990; 4th printing, 1992).
  • with Judith Ewell, eds., The Human Tradition in Latin America : The Twentieth century (Wilmington, Delaware: Scholarly Resources, Inc., 1987); 2nd printing, 1989; 3rd printing, 1991.
  • with Judith Ewell, eds., The Human Tradition in Latin America : The Nineteenth Century (Wilmington, DE: Scholarly Resources, Inc., 1989)
  • with Judith Ewell, eds., The Human Tradition in Modern Latin America (Wilmington, DE: Scholarly Resources, Inc., 1997)
  • "Home Altars for Day of the Dead," in Dana Salvo, ed., Home Alters of Mexico (Albuquerque: University of New Mexico, 1997), pp. 91-122.
  • " Chihuahua in the Diaz Era," in William D. Raat, ed., Mexico : From Independence to Revolution, 1810-1910 (Fredonia: SUNY, 1974): 132-139. (Reissued by University of Nebraska Press,1982.)
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  • Numerous articles including the following as examples:
  • “Arte en la calle. Los Títeres de la Compañía de Rosete Aranda y La imagen del Mexicano,” en La Mirada , mirada. Transculturalidad e imaginarios del México revoluionario, 1910-1945 (México: Instituto de Investigaciones Estéticas de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)
  • “Cómo fue que El Negrito salvó a México de los franceses: las fuentes populares de la identidad nacional,” Historia Mexicana (scheduled for publication in no. 226 [Octubre–Diciembre, 2007])
  • “Reflections on the Historiography of Twentieth-Century Mexico,” Compass: The Electronic Journal.
  • "Judas, Rabelais, and Abner Doubleday: Tradition vs. Modernity in Mexico ," Proceedings of the Rocky Mountain Conference on Latin American Studies (Las Cruces, NM: New Mexico State University, 1984): 3-15.
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  • "Recent Mexican Political Humor," Journal of Latin American Lore 11, no. 2 (1985): pp. 195-223.
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  • "Sons and Daughters of the Cisco Kid: Images of Mexicans in American Popular Culture," Imagenes Reciprocas: La educacion en las relations Mexico-Estados Unidos de America (Mexico City: Serie de Anuies-Profmex, 1991): pp. 277-287.

II. History and Folklore of American Sport:

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