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Amid the instability and political turmoil of nineteenth century Spain, Ruth's research focuses on disease and epidemics. Specifically, the impact communicable and infectious diseases had in shaping norms of public health and citizenship. Ruth's other research interests are animals, medicine, and the impact science has in interpreting body politics. 

Areas of Study

Modern Spain, Modern Europe, European History, History of Disease, Western Civlization.


I am currently in Spain completing my Fulbright Research grant for 2017-2018.

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Contact Information

Ruth Oropeza
PhD Candidate


I have a BA in History from San Jose State University where I graduated cum laude, 2012. I also have a MA in Modern European history from the University of Arizona. 

Courses Taught


​Hist160B1, History of Western Civilization

Hist311, History of Epidemics


Section Leader 




College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

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