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My research interests focus on the social and cultural history of pre-modern India (1000-1800), and especially on the range of historical interactions between Iran and India, and on Islam in South Asia.  I have published monographs on the social roles of Sufis (Muslim mystics) in the Indian sultanate of Bijapur (1300-1700), on the growth of Islam in Bengal (1204-1760), and on the social history of the Deccan from 1300 to 1761.   Most recently, I have co-authored a monograph entitled Power, Memory, Architecture: Contested Sites on India's Deccan Plateau, 1300-16.  These four historical monographs employ as analytical tools, respectively, Weberian social thought, Annales School methodology, biography, and architecture. 

I am also active in the growing subfield of world history, as well as comparative history.  My regularly taught courses include History of Medieval India, History of Modern India and Pakistan, Comparative History, and World History.



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