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I am a historian of colonial Latin America, especially the impact of Spanish rule on indigenous peoples in southern Mexico and Guatemala. This makes me an early modernist and fuels my interest in comparative world history, global political economy, and social theory--all areas of historical inquiry that are integral to my teaching.  After 10 years as a department head, I've come back to full-time teaching with a renewed comitment to promoting the values, goals, and sensibilities of the liberal arts. For me, this means exposure to a wide variety of academic disciplines, including the humanities and fine arts, that offer different and sometimes competing ways of understanding the human experience.

Areas of Study

Latin American History, Early Modern History, World History

Selected Publications

2017: "Rediscovering the Mayas and Aztecs: Field Work, Archaeological Exhibits, and National Museums,"  The Oxford Encylcopedia of Mexican History and Culture.

2006. "Indigenous Production and Consumption of Cotton in Eighteenth Century Chiapas: Reevalutaing the Coersive Practices of the Reparto de Efectos," New World, First Nations, edited by David Cahill and Bianca Tovias, Sussex Press

1992. Soldiers of the Virgin: The Moral Economy of a Maya Rebellion. University of Arizona Press.

Research Interests

My research interests have been shaped by my training in both History and Anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania, and focus on the colonial history of southern Mexico and Guatemala, especially global perpsectives on early modern political economy and Maya ethnohistory. I also have a long-standing interest in the history of archaeology and recently published an article, "Rediscovering the Aztecs and Mayas: Field Exploration, Archaeological Exhibits, and Natinal Museums," for The Oxford Encyclopedia of Mexican History and Culture.  And I am very excited to be a co-editor, with Martha Few and Ryan Kashanipour, of a new book series for Routledge Press, New Colonial Histories of Latin America.

Current Projects

Steering Committee, Southwest Seminar for Colonial Latin American History

Co-editor, New Colonial Histories in Latin America, Routledge Press

The Group for Early Modern Studies

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Kevin Gosner
Associate Professor, Former Chair
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Courses Taught

Spring 2019

HNRS 195H – Appalachian Cultural Landsacpe: Music, Mirgation, and Memory

HIST 353 – World History for Future Educators

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

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