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Prof. Vetter's research is at the intersection of environmental history and the history of science and technology in the American West. He is author of Field Life: Science in the American West during the Railroad Era (Pittsburgh, 2016), which was awarded the History of Science Society's Philip J. Pauly Prize for Best First Book in the History of Science in the Americas, as well as numerous articles and book chapters. He is editor of Knowing Global Environments: New Historical Perspectives on the Field Sciences (Rutgers, 2011). His current research projects include: (1) the biography of a scientific field site, which is now Agate Fossil Beds National Monument; (2) agricultural science on the Great Plains before the Dust Bowl; and (3) capitalism and science in the American West. His other research interests include the history of the food system, the involvement of lay people in the field sciences, and the history of science in the national parks.

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Jeremy Vetter
Associate Professor of History, Director of Undergraduate Studies
Telephone: (520) 621-1706
Office: CHVZ 403A
Office Hours: Tuesdays, 12:00-2:00 p.m. (Fall 2018)


Ph.D., History and Sociology of Science, University of Pennsylvania, 2005

M.A., History and Sociology of Science, University of Pennsylvania, 2001

M.Sc., Human Biology, University of Oxford, 1999

M.Phil., Economic and Social History, University of Oxford, 1999

B.A., History, Philosophy, Political Science, Physics, Psychology, Economics, and Anthropology, University of Nebraska, 1997

Courses Taught

HIST 150C4 World History, 1600-Present

HIST 160C1 The Making of American Cultures

HIST 236 Indians in U.S. History

HIST 246 History of American Capitalism

HIST 247 Nature and Technology in U.S. History

HIST 335 Western America: Law and Order, 1785-1915

HIST 357 Food, Health, and Environment in U.S. History

HIST 432 Era of the American Revolution

HIST 436/536 U.S. Civil War and Reconstruction

HIST 437/537 U.S. Gilded Age and Progressive Era

HIST 498 Senior Capstone: Food, Health, and Environment

HIST 498 Senior Capstone: National Parks in History

HIST 498 Senior Capstone: The 1970s

HIST 695A Graduate Colloquium: Class and Capitalism in U.S. History

HIST 695A Graduate Colloquium: History of American Science, Technology, and Medicine

HIST 695A Graduate Colloquium: Teaching U.S. History

HIST 695H Graduate Colloquium: Global/Comparative History of Science, Technology, and Health

HIST 696B Graduate Research Seminar: Western, Environment, Science, and Technology History

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