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I study the United States and the world/American foreign relations, global affairs, and security and intelligence, specializing in US-Latin American relations, particularly southern South America, during the Cold War. I approach US-Latin American relations from a broadly transatlantic perspective that includes Europe and the Soviet Union.

I am currently revising my dissetation, which I defended in spring 2016 and which Edinburgh University Press will publish as Chile, the CIA, and the Cold War: A Transatlantic Persepctive. Some of my work in intelligence history also appears here.

I lecture on United States and world history, modern Europe and global affairs, foreign policy analysis, the Cold War, and intelligence. I have taught at the University of Arizona and at the Embry-Riddle College of Security and Intelligence. I am currently assistant professor of history at the American University in Dubai, in the Department of International and Middle Eastern Studies. I am a member of Scholars Strategy Network, serve on the editorial board of the Journal of Intelligence History, and have contributed to War on the Rocks, an online magazine serving defense intellectuals, the national-security community, and the Texas National Security Network.

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James Lockhart

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Reimagining Chile's Cold War Experience: From the Conflict's Origins to Salvador Allende's Inauguration
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