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I research and study the United States and the world/American foreign relations, specializing in US-Latin American relations, particularly southern South America, during the Cold War. Among other contributions, I approach the United States and Latin America from a broadly transatlantic perspective, rather than the more narrow and more usual inter-American relations one.

I am currently revising my dissetation for publication through a British university press, which will happen in early 2018.

I lecture on United States and world history and offer several survey, upper-division, and graduate courses. I have lectured at the University of Arizona, Department of History and at the Embry-Riddle College of Security and Intelligence, Department of Global Affairs and Intelligence Studies as well. I am currently assistant professor of history at the American University in Dubai, serve on the editorial board of the Journal of Intelligence History, and contribute to War on the Rocks, an online magazine serving defense intellectuals and the national-security community.

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James Lockhart

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Reimagining Chile's Cold War Experience: From the Conflict's Origins to Salvador Allende's Inauguration
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