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My research contributes to Latin America's Cold War history, which tends to remain confined to a US-centered, inter-American context. It recasts it within transatlantic and global frameworks. It acknowledges Latin Americans as influential, world-historical actors while highlighting the importance of bringing area expertise and historical context and depth to security and intelligence studies. We cannot assess the effectiveness of American intervention in Latin America, or any other region, for that matter, unless we apprehend these regions' politics and history. Neither can we grasp other nations' practices of security and intelligence, and begin to gauge their influence in international affairs, without knowing their politics, history, and culture -- starting with how they approach and conceive of security and intelligence in the first place.

I am currently researching my second book, which deals with Lt. Gen. Vernon Walters (US Army). Walters served as military attaché, deputy director of central intelligence, and ambassador-at-large during the Brazilian coup of 1964, the overthrow of President Salvador Allende in Chile in 1973, and the Falklands War in 1982, respectively. His career remains a focal point of Washington's efforts to shape and condition Latin American, and in the case of the Falklands, British, politics in the late Cold War. This book will evaluate these efforts while grappling with the problem of policy implementation. It illuminates, among other things, the limits of American influence in international affairs.

I pitch my teaching to student and institutional interests and priorities. Thus far in my career, I have lectured and supervised student research projects on modern and contemporary United States history; American foreign relations and international affairs; Foreign Policy Analysis (FPA); US military history from the Civil War to Vietnam and present-day conflicts in the Middle East; and modern European, Latin American, and global/comparative history in undergraduate surveys, upper-division courses, and graduate seminars. I currently live in the Emirates, where I support students majoring in the following programs:

  • Bachelor of Arts in International Studies
  • Master of Arts in Diplomacy and International Affairs

I am a member of the Scholars Strategy Network and have contributed to War on the Rocks, an online magazine serving the national security community.

Reecent publications

"Nuclear Foothold in Southern South America: Anglo-Chilean Relations, 1965-1970" (forthcoming).

"Cuba and the Secret World" (forthcoming).

"Chilean Expansion and Southern South America's Integration into the Modern Capitalist System, 1879-1931" (2019).

"How Effective Are Covert Operations?" (2019).

Chile, the CIA and the Cold War: A Transatlantic Perspective (2019).

"The Dulles Supremacy: Allen Dulles, the Clandestine Service, and PBFortune" (2018).

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James Lockhart

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Reimagining Chile's Cold War Experience: From the Conflict's Origins to Salvador Allende's Inauguration
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