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In my research work I pursue a specific "world system" approach to focus on the historical devolution of a German-speaking region in the Austrian empire, particularly of its peasant population, toward becoming a focal point for participation in the Nazi Holocaust. Specifically, I cover the historical ground connecting the progressive deformation of German-Austrian social and cultural life from the onset of absolutist "modernization" in the seventeenth century to the recent monumentalization of the "death stairs" of Mauthausen.

Hermann has recently retired from the University of Arizona.

Publications include:

i. Peasant Classes: The Bureaucratization of Property and Family Relations under Early Habsburg Absolutism, 1511-1636 (Princeton `1983);

ii. "Reimagining the oikos: Austrian Cameralism in its Social Formation" in Wm. Roseberry and J. O’Brien, eds., Golden Ages. Dark Ages (California 1991);

iii. "Peasantries under the Austrian Empire, 1300-1800" in T. Scott, ed., Peasantries of Europe (Longman 1995)

iv. "Dark Events and Lynching Scenes in the Collective Memory: A Dispossession Narrative about Austria’s Descent into Holocaust" in J. Scott and N. Bhatt, eds., Agrarian Studies, (Yale 2001).

v. When Women Held the Dragon's Tongue and Other Essays in Historical Anthropology (Berghahn Books, 2010)

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Hermann Rebel
Emeritus Professor of History
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

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