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We are saddened to learn of the death of our colleague, Helen Nader, on Monday, September 24, 2018.




1994-2006 University of Arizona, Professor
1994-96 Indiana University, Ruth N. Halls Distinguished Professor
1976-94 Indiana University, Assistant to Full Professor of History
1991-96 Indiana University, Professor of Comparative Literature
1975-76 Stanford University, Assistant Professor of History
1971-75 University of Hawaii, Assistant Professor of History
1965-71 University of California, Berkeley, Teaching Assistant, Lecturer, Acting Instructor, and Teaching Consultant for TAs (A Ford Foundation program)
1959-64 High school history teacher in California


2003-04 Acting Director, Division for Late Medieval and Reformation Studies
1994-99 Head of History Department, University of Arizona
1988-92 Associate Dean of Research and the University Graduate School, Indiana University
1987 Distinguished Visiting Professor, Arizona State University
1988-92 Editor, Research and Creative Activity
1985-89 Director of Renaissance Studies, Indiana University
1983-84 Fellow, Woodrow Wilson Center, Smithsonian Institution
1983 Visiting Scholar, Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies
1982-86 Associate Editor, American Historical Review
1978-79 Research Scholar, Stanford University Food Research Institute
1977-80 Editor, Bulletin of the Society for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies
Ph.D.1972 University of California, Berkeley, Early Modern European History
M.A. 1959 Smith College, Modern European History
B.A. 1958 University of Arizona, Tucson, History and English


“Introduction,” History of a Tragedy: The Expulsion of the Jews from Spain, by Joseph Pérez, trans. Lysa Hochroth. Chicago: University of Illinois Press, 2007.
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Editor, Power and Gender in the Spanish Renaissance: Eight Women of the Mendoza Family, 1450-1650 (Champaign: University of Illinois Press, 2003).
”Desperate Men, Questionable Acts: The Moral Dilemma of Italian Merchants in the Spanish Slave Trade,” Sixteenth Century Journal, 33 (2002) 401-422.
“The Spain that Encountered Mexico,” Chapter I in The Oxford History of Mexico, edited by Wm. H. Beezley and Michael Meyer (New York: Oxford University Press, 2000.
"'The more communes, the greater the king,'" Hidden Communes in Absolutist Theory," in Theorien kommunaler Ordnung in Europa, edited by Peter Blickle. Munich: Oldenbourg, 1996, pp. 215-23.
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Liberty in Absolutist Spain: The Habsburg Sale of Towns 1516-1700. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1990 (Winner of the Leo Gershoy Award for 1991). Soft shell edition, 1993.
"The One World and Two Americas of Hernando Cortés and Bartolomé de Las Casas," Dispositio. 14: 36-38 (1989): 213-223.
"Habsburg Ceremony in Castile: The Reality of the Myth," Historical Reflections, 15:1 (1988): 293-309.
The Mendoza Family in the Spanish Renaissance, 1350 to 1550. New Brunswick, N.J.: Rutgers University Press, 1979.
Spanish translation by Jesús Valiente Malla, Los Mendoza y el Renacimiento Español. Guadalajara, 1985.
Available at http://libro.uca.edu/mendoza/mendoza.htm.
"The Greek Commander Hernán Núñez de Toledo, Spanish Humanist and Civic Leader," Renaissance Quarterly. 31:4 (1978), 453-485.
"Noble Income in Sixteenth-Century Castile: The Case of the Marquises of Mondéjar, 1480-1580," Economic History Review, 2nd ser. 30 (1977), 411-428.
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“Pedro González de Mendoza,” in The Renaissance Encyclopedia, gen. ed. Paul Grendler. New York: Simon & Schuster, 2000.
Rethinking the World: Discovery and Science in the Age of Exploration. Catalog of the Exhibit. Bloomington: The Lilly Library, 1992.
"Christopher Columbus." Colliers Encyclopedia Yearbook 1992. New York: MacMillan, 1992.
Co-editor and author of 22 articles. Christopher Columbus Encyclopedia. 2 vols. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1991.
Co-author with Alfred Crosby. The Voyages of Columbus: A Turning Point in World History. Bloomington, In: ERIC Clearinghouse for Social Studies/Social Science Education, 1989.
"Spain in 1492." Humanities, vol. 6, no. 6 (1985), 10-12.


Project Director and editor, "Columbus." Radio series of twenty-three programs broadcast on PBS stations in the Midwest, September-October, 1992.
Curator, "Rethinking the World: Discovery and Science in the Age of Exploration." Exhibit at the Lilly Library, October 1992-February 1993.


With John F. Schwaller, edition, transcription, translation, and introduction, The ‘Lost’ First Letter of the Cortes Expedition in 1519 (submitted for publication).
“Teaching and Studying the Poem of the Cid,” in The Middle Ages in Texts and Texture, ed. Jason Glenn (New York: Columbia University Press, in progress).


2006 Bodo Nischan Award for Scholarship, Civility, and Service, Society for Reformation Research
2003 UA Foreign Travel Grant to International Conferences
2003 SBSRI Grant for GIS in Center for Applied Spatial Analysis
2000 Hispanic Society of America, Honorary Fellow
1994 Ruth N. Halls Distinguished Professorship, Indiana University
1994 Office of Women's Affairs, Distinguished Scholar Award (for support to women)
1991 Leo Gershoy Prize for the best book in European History (awarded by the American Historical Association to Liberty in Absolutist Spain).
1991-92 Indiana Humanities Council. Public Humanities Fellowship.
1988 NEH Translation Fellowship
1984 NEH Research Planning Conference Grant
1983-84 John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Fellowship
1984-85 Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars Fellowship
1982-83 NEH Research Fellowship
1977-85 Indiana University Summer Faculty Fellowship, 1977; Grant in Aid of Research, 1978; Learning Resources Development Grant, 1980; President's Council on International Programs, Research Award, 1985.
1978-79 Research Scholarship, Stanford University Food Research Institute
1978-79 Tinker Postdoctoral Fellowship
1979 Corresponding Member, Hispanic Society of America
1976 ACLS Grant-in-Aid
1976 Lilly Library Summer Research Fellowship
1975 Stanford University Faculty Research Grant
1974-75 ACLS Research Fellowship
1974 NEH Summer Stipend (declined)
1972,73 University of Hawaii Summer Research Grants
1968-69 University of California, Berkeley, grant in Support of Faculty Research
1958-59 Smith College Graduate and Summer Fellowships
1958 Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Magna cum laude
1955-58 Class honors and dean's list, University of Arizona
Research Languages--German, French, Spanish, Italian, Latin

Archival Research --Spain, Italy, France

Director of Ph.D. Dissertations Completed at Indiana University

Joseph P. Byrne. (Belmont University, Nashville): "Francesco Datini, 'Father of Many': Piety, Charity and Patronage in Early Modern Tuscany," 1989.
Charlotte Wells, (University of Northern Iowa): Naturalization and Citizenship in 16th-Century France: Implications of the Droit d'Aubaine, 1992; published as Law and Citizenship in Early Modern France (Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1995.
Elizabeth Lehfeldt, (Cleveland State University): "Sacred and Secular Spaces: The Role of Religious Women in Golden-Age Valladolid," 1996.
Christine Petto, (University of Southern Connecticut): "Mapping the Body Politic in Early Modern France," 1996.
Timothy Schmitz (Wofford College): “‘Particular Devotions’: Tridentine Reform and State Power in the Hieronymite Order, 1563-1598,” 2000.
Valentina Tikoff (DePaul University): “Assisted Transitions: Children and Adolescents in the Orphanages of Seville at the End of the Old Regime, 1681-1831,” 2000.
Grace E. Coolidge (Grand Valley State University): “Families in Crisis: Women, Guardianship, and the Nobility in Early Modern Spain,” 2000.
Belton Myers, “Spanish Schools and the Mean of Literacy: Private Teachers and Regulation in Early-Modern Madrid 1600-1800,” 2001.
Kristy Wilson Bowers, (Northern Illinois University) “Plague, Politics and Municipal Relations in Sixteenth-Century Seville,” 2001.

Director of dissertations completed at the University of Arizona

Cristian Berco, (Bishop’s University [Quebec]) “Uncovering the Unmentionable Vice: Male Homosexuality, Race, and Class in Spain’s Golden Age,” 2002.
Aurelio Espinosa, (Arizona State University) “The Formation of Habsburg Rule in Spain, 1517-1528,” 2003.
Stephanie Fink DeBacker (Arizona State University West)“Widows at the Nexus of Family and Community in Early Modern Castile,” 2002.
Michael Crawford (McNiece State University) “The Fight for Privilege and Status in Early Modern Castile 1465-1598, “ 2004
Director of dissertations in progress at the University of Arizona-
CynthiaAnn Gonzales (Fulbright Fellowship to Spain 2004-2005).


Treasurer (elected), Association of American Research Historians of Medieval Spain, 2005-
Advisory Board, Getty Museum, Mencia de Mendoza Project
Editorial Board, Studies in Medieval and Renaissance History 2004-
AHA, Premio del Rey book prize committee 2003-2007
Society for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies, Book Award Committee 2003-2006
Consultant, The Cíbola Project (Department of Spanish, University of California, Berkeley)
National Screening Committee for Fulbright Fellowships to Spain & Portugal 2000-2001
General Secretary (President), Society for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies 1998-2000.
Editorial Board, Sixteenth Century Studies Monograph Series, 1999--
AHA Gershoy Award Committee 1995-97, Chair 1996-98.
Advisory Board, Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Board of Editors, Mediterranean Studies, 1995-
University of Minnesota, History Department External Review, 1991.
ACLS, Awards Committee, 1991.
New York Council for the Humanities: 1991 and 1992 Humanities Teacher Institutes, "500 Years: Re-Discovering the Americas," Teacher, mentor, and co-compiler of anthololgy.
National Center for the Humanities, Advisory Committee 1989; referee 1990-
Encyclopedia Britannica Educational Media Division, "The Age of Exploration," Consultant, 1989-1990.
ERIC Clearinghouse for Social Studies/Social Science Education, National Advisory Board 1988-1990.
American Historical Association, Chair of Committee on the Columbus Quincentennial 1985-89; 1983
Program Committee 1982-83, Nominating Committee, Pacific Coast Branch 1974-76.
Conference of Historical Editors, Board of Directors, 1985-89.
Ibero-American Heritage Curriculum, State Education Department of the State of New York, International Advisory Panel, 1987-90.
The John Carter Brown Library, Committee on the Columbus Quincentenary, 1985; Fellowship Awards Committee, 1998.
Sixteenth Century Studies Conference. President 1985-86, Vice President and President-Elect 1984-85, Nominating Committee 1982-83.
NEH Columbus Quincentennial Research Planning Conference 1983-1984, Project Director.
Society for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies, Executive Committee, 1977-79, 1981-83; Chair, National Conference Arrangements Committee 1984, 1996.
Renaissance Society of America, Nominating Committee 1981-84, National Council 1983-84
Referee: Yale University Press, Cornell University Press, Illinois University Press, John Simon Guggenheim Foundation Fellowships, NEH; National Humanities Center; Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars; Agricultural History; Hispanic American Historical Review; Renaissance Quarterly; Catholic Historical Review; American Historical Review; Sixteenth Century Journal; Renaissance and Reformation; Journal of the Rocky Mountain Medieval and Renaissance Society, Las Américas, Speculum, Encyclopedia Britannica, The Historian, Comparative Studies in Society and History. Cambridge University Press; University of Wisconsin Press, The Johns Hopkins University Press, Indiana University Press, Yale University Press, University of California Press, University of Arizona Press, Medieval Academy of America, University of Iowa Press, Tinker Foundation, Guggenheim Foundation, Newberry Library, W.W. Norton, Oxford University Press, Waveland Press.
Tenure and promotion referee: History Department University of Minnesota; History Department College of William and Mary; History Department University of Akron; History Department, Texas Christian University; History Department, Stanford University; History Department, University of Chicago; History Department, University of Illinois at Chicago; History Department, University of California, Berkeley; Spanish Department, University of Massachusetts, Boston; History Department, University of Minnesota; Art History Department, University of Oregon; History Department, Louisiana State University; History Department, Tulane University. History Department, NYU; History Department, Georgetown University; History Department, University of Kansas.
Consultant: The Cíbola Project; Encyclopedia Britannica Educational Media Division; Stanford University Library, Manuscripts Section; D.C. Heath; Prentice Hall; A. Rosenthal Rare Books; Butler University; H. Kraus Rare Books and Manuscripts; National Museum of American History; ETS Advanced Placement Exam in History; Indiana Humanities Council; Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars, Smithsonian Institution, National Endowment for the Humanities.

Professional Service at University of Arizona

President, Alpha of Arizona Chapter, Phi Beta Kappa 2003, Treasurer 2004-6.
Provost’s Honorary Degree Advisory Committee 2002-
University Committee on Ethics and Commitment 2002-2003
SBS Development Advisory Committee 2001-
Interview committee for Fulbright Fellowship applicants 2000-2001
Dean’s P&T Committee for candidacy of candidate for promotion to full professor (Communications Department) 2001-2002
Anesthesiology Department, Academic Program Review, review committee, 2000
Art History Department Search Committee, Consultant, 2000
Heads Up! Coordinating Committee, 1996-2000
UA-American Council of Education, Chancellor’s Coordinating Committee 1996-1999
Chair, Review of Geography Department Head, David Plane, 1999.
President's Ad Hoc Advisory Committee on an International Higher Education Leadership Center
SBS Distinguished Professorship Advisory Committee 1995
College of A & S Advisory Committee on Sierra Vista Campus Policies and Guidelines 1995
College of Humanities Search Committee for Head of Spanish Department 1994-95
UA - Cholla High Partnership Planning Committee 1994-96
History Department
Curriculum Committee 2003
Committee to review candidacy of Martha Few 2003
Convener of Awards Committee 2000-2001
Convener of Early Europe caucus 2000-2001, 2002-2003, 2003-2004
Chair, P&T Committee for candidacy of Steven Johnstone 2001-2002
Search Committee for French Reformation History 2001-2002
Professional Service at Indiana University
University Tenure and Promotion Workshop for Faculty, Office of Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculties
NEH Summer Stipend Advisory Committee, RUGS, 1993
Patten Lecturer Selection Committee 1993-94
Sabbatical Leave Committee, 1992-94.
Advisory Committee, Lilly Library, 1984-1992
Advisory Committee, University Art Museum, 1987-91, chair, 1990-91.
Co-chair, "Arts of the Discovery," Arts Weekend Planning Committee, 1989-92
Dean of Women's Affairs Task Force on Graduate Women l977-78
University Fulbright-Hays Selection Committee l978-79
Coordinator, History-Sociology Seminar l979-80
Renaissance Studies Advisory Committee l979-
Latin American Studies Faculty l979-
Overseas Studies, Madrid Campus Selection Committee l979-8l
University Division Faculty Advisor l980-
Overseas Conference Fund Advisory Committee l98l-
Faculty Renaissance Club Secretary l980-8l
Selection Committee, Distinguished Faculty Research Lecturer l98l-82
Bloomington Faculty Council Budgetary Affairs Committee l98l-82
Search and Screen Committee for Dean of College of Arts and
Sciences, 1984-85.
Research and Graduate Development Fellowship Review Committee, 1984-87.
College of Arts and Sciences
External Review Committee for WEST, 1993
Chair, Search Committee for Director of Honors Division, 1993.
Phi Beta Kappa Executive Committee, 1991-; President-elect 1992, President 1993-94.
Dean's Advisory Committee on Undergraduate Education 1992-
Salary Policy Committee 1987-88
Chair, Search Committee Department of Spanish and Portuguese l98l-82
Dean's Advisory Curriculum Committee l980-82
History Department
Curriculum Committee l976-77
European Field Committee, Chair, l980-8l, 1989-90
AI Teacher Training Supervisor l980-8l
Executive Committee (elected) l977-78, l979-82, 1988-91, 1993-94.
History Faculty Seminar Coordinator l980-82, 1984-85
Search Committees: History of Medicine 1978-79; Latin American History 1985-86, 1987-88, 1992-93; Early Modern Europe 1987-89, chair 1989-90, East Europe, 1993-94.
AI and Fellowship Committee l98l-82, 1992-4
Salary Committee l980-82
Tenure Committees (Professors Carmichael, Gould)
Promotion Committee (Professor Demand)
Annual Review (Professor Williamson), chair
Stanford University l975-76
History Department Graduate Curriculum Committee
University of Hawaii l971-74
Faculty Senate Ad Hoc Committee on the Status of Women
Faculty Senate Task Force on the Administration
College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Senate Elections Committee
College of Arts and Sciences Salary Equity Review Committee


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The Spacious Word: Cartography, Literature, and Empire in Early Modern Spain, by Ricardo Padrón, Journal of Modern History, 2005. Queenship and Political Power in Medieval and Early Modern Spain, ed. Theresa Earenfight, Sixteenth Century Journal, 2006. 

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