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About Danielle Blalock Barefoot

I am a PhD candidate with an emphasis in Latin America and minors in the fields of global/comparative history and higher education. From March-November 2018, I will complete my dissertation research as a Fulbright Scholar. My dissertation examines Chilean student networks, politics, and mobilization from 1964 through 1990. Additionally, I will serve as an affiliated researcher with the Juventudes project led by Professor Óscar Aguilera. To keep up with my research and Fulbright journey, follow my blog and my Twitter (@chileanista).

Upon my return to Tucson in Spring 2019, I will teach HIST/LAS 351 - Race and Class in Latin America.

Areas of Study

Latin America, Southern Cone, Chile, student activism, student politics, politics of education, higher education, university/universities, education, political history, revolutions, comparative women and gender, gender and sexuality, violence and power, memory, society and culture during military regimes in the Southern Cone, the Global Sixties

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Contact Information

Danielle Blalock Barefoot
Ph.D. Candidate, Graduate Teaching Associate
Office Hours: Fall 2018: By email only


M.A. History, The University of Arizona

B.A. History and Modern Languages (Spanish), Georgia Southern University

Dissertation Title

Collaborative Activisms: Chilean University Student Networks and Mobilization, 1964 to 1990

Courses Taught


  • HIST/LAS 351 - Race and Class in Latin America (Spring 2019)
  • HIST/LAS/AFAS 352 - Slavery in Latin America (Fall 2017)
  • HIST/LAS/GWS 469 - Gender and Sexuality in Latin America (Summer 2017)

Graduate Teaching Associate:

  • HIST 160A2 - Asia and the World (Fall 2017, discussion leader), Lanza
  • HIST/AFAS 436 - Civil War and Reconstruction (Spring 2017, grader), Hemphill
  • HIST 301 - Introduction to History (Fall 2016, grader), Irvin
  • HIST/AFAS 348 - The South since the Civil War (Spring 2016, discussion section leader), Steptoe
  • HIST 160 - Asia and the World (Fall 2015, discussion section leader), Lanza


  • AFAS/SOC 220 - Introduction to African American Studies (Spring 2015), Ijagbemi
  • AFAS 371 - Hip Hop Cinema (Spring 2015), Sanchez
  • AFAS/SOC 220 - Introduction to African American Studies (Fall 2014), Machibya
  • AFAS/SOC 220 - Introduction to African American Studies (Fall 2013),  Machibya
  • AFAS 160 - Introduction to African American Literature (Fall 2013), Machibya
  • AFAS 320 - The Slave Narrative in Historical and Literary Perspectives (Spring 2013), Abana
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