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I am interested in the symbols and rituals of power in the Roman Empire, with particular focus on the deployment of gender and material culture in imperial politics. I am also intrigued by representations of ancient Rome in the modern world, in film, literature and art. I regularly teach the Roman survey course and upper division courses on Rome's Republic and Empire. Other courses view the ancient Mediterranean through a range of lenses, including Spectacle, Performance, and Sport, Cleopatra VII, and the ways that the ancient Mediterranean has been represented in film and television. Graduate courses include colloquia on Comparative Imperial Systems, Gender and Sexuality in the Ancient Mediterranean, Frontiers and Empire, and the general Topics in Roman History, as well as a pedagogy workshop for graduate students. My first monograph, Blood in the Arena , looks at how the institution of the gladiatorial games functioned in the negotiation of power among different groups in the Roman Imperial West. In 2006, Blackwell published my sourcebook on Roman Games, which considers spectacle in the Roman world more broadly. I am currently editing the Oxford Handbook of Sport and Spectacle (with Tom Scanlon), as well as several pieces on Rome in popular culture. I have appeared as a talking head on a number of documentaries for the History Channel and A & E, including "Hannibal", "The True Story of Gladiators", "Cleopatra's World: Alexandria Revealed",  "Boudica: Warrior Queen", and, most recently, "Bible Rules".


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Classics, Ancient Mediterranean History

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