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Here are some of the exciting trips taken by the history department's students in pursuit of their academic interests! These students have been immersed in the culture of their choice and have lovely memories to share. Studying abroad is a once in a lifetime experience so don't miss out on your chance to do research in a new, exotic place. For more information about the U of A's options, drop by the Study Abroad Website.​ If you have any photos you would like to submit from your own study abroad experience, please send them to



Ruth Oropeza, a doctoral student studying Modern European History, traveled to Spain for the Fulbright Mid-Year Seminar. She is undergoing research on the effect of diseases/epidemics that plagued nineteenth century Spain.

Lunch in Salamanca
Students defended their theses in this room (left). They sat in that chair and placed their feet on the statue (above) for good luck.The person buried there was supposedly very smart, so it was meant to help you pass your exams. 





Cory Davis, a doctoral student in the Division for Late Medieval and Reformation Studies, is in Germany for the 2017-18 academic year with his family on a Fulbright Scholarship studying the effects of official religious toleration on Swiss Anabaptist refugees and migrants in southwestern Germany after the Thirty Years War (1618-1648). The Davises live in Karlsruhe where Cory has been researching at the General State Archive, the State Library, and the State Church Archive with additional research in smaller holdings across southern Germany and Switzerland.

The Davises (Twyla, Zephany, Gideon, and Cory) at Heidelberg University in front of the ruins of the electoral castle (9/2017).



 Pictured left are the Davises in the snow in their home city of Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg (12/2017).







To the right, Cory and his son Gideon stand outside Neuenstein Castle, home of the Hohenlohe Family Central Archives (01/2018).


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