By William Beezley
On December 2020

Latin American Cultural Objects and Episodes provides readers with an eclectic and fascinating exploration of Latin American history through the examination of physical objects. Distinguished author and Professor William H. Beezley takes readers on a journey that includes objects used music and visual media, such as movies, documentaries, and television. Forming an integral part of the history they represent, the objects described in this book tell the tale of the little known or neglected part of Latin American history. While most historical authors and researchers focus on the political and economic life of Latin America, this author uses the objects he highlights to explain and illuminate the daily lives of the Latin American peoples and the legacies that they share. Forming an essential part of a comprehensive understanding of Latin American history, the book includes discussions and explorations of: how objects have transformed and shaped the cultures of Latin America over the years, unusual and interesting objects serendipitously discovered by a variety of researchers and historians, ten chapters, each beginning with an object acting as a synecdoche or metonym that introduces a discussion of Latin American historical life, and the significance of the objects to particular religious practices, musical traditions, or schools of visual media, such as folk art, film or television. Perfect for anyone interested in Latin American life beyond politics and economics, Latin American Cultural Objects and Episodes belongs on the bookshelves of everyone with a curiosity about culture in Latin America as it’s revealed through physical objects.
ISBN: 9781119078265