How-to Guide for Ruin Photography
By Susan Crane & Siobhan Lyons
On January 2018

This article is recorded within Ruin Porn and the Obsession with Decay by Siobhan Lyons (Ed.). This collection is the first book to comprehensively analyze the relatively new and under-researched phenomenon of ‘ruin porn’. Featuring a diverse collection of chapters, the authors in this work examine the relevance of contemporary ruin and its relationship to photography, media, architecture, culture, history, economics and politics. This work investigates the often ambiguous relationship that society has with contemporary ruins around the world, challenging the notions of authenticity that are frequently associated with images of decay. With case studies that discuss various places and topics, including Detroit, Chernobyl, Pitcairn Island, post-apocalyptic media, online communities and urban explorers, among many other topics, this collection illustrates the nuances of ruin porn that are fundamental to an understanding of humanity’s place in the overarching narrative of history.
ISBN: 9783319933894