Nina Bogdan

Adjunct Instructor

Dissertation: "Creating a Russian-American Identity in Interwar and Post-War San Francisco”

Nina Bogdan is a PhD Candidate focusing on the history of early twentieth century Russian-American relations and Eastern European immigration to the United States. She has re-entered the world of academia after many years of government work as a Russian Language Analyst and, more recently, as a freelance translator and business owner.

In her early academic career, Nina earned an M.A. in Political Science from UC Davis (1990). Her MA thesis examined selected intelligence problems in a comparative study of the origins and structure of the CIA and KGB. It was recommended for publication but the dissolution of the USSR demanded revisions immediately upon completion and she never did get to it.

Currently, she is focusing on the diasporic experience of Eastern European and Slavic groups in the United States, particularly in the early twentieth century; identity formation in immigration; spatial contestations in urban environments; diasporic collective memories and nostalgia.