Heng Du

Assistant Professor, East Asian Studies

Heng Du (Ph.D. in Chinese History, Harvard University) is a book historian specializing in the study of Early China. Her current book project, In Eternal Lines to Time: The Ontology of Texts in Early China, reexamines the transformations in textual and literary practices during the formation of early empires. She is also interested in the comparative study of book cultures in the ancient world, and is currently working on a Chinese translation of Ovid’s Fasti book 6. Du received her  M.A. in Chinese literature from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and B. A. in classics / comparative literature from Cornell University.


“The Author’s Two Bodies: The Death of Qu Yuan and the Birth of Chuci Zhangju.” T’oung Pao 105 (2019): 259–314.

“From Villains Outwitted to Pedants Out-Wrangled: The Function of Anecdotes in the Shifting Rhetoric of the Han Feizi.” In Between History and Philosophy: Anecdotes in Early China, edited by Paul van Els and Sarah Queen, 193–228. Albany: State University of New York Press, 2017.