Dean Messinger

M.A. Student, Early European History

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Dean Messinger is a MA student with the Division for Late Medieval and Reformation Studies and studies the social history of the Holy Roman Empire and the German-speaking lands. Dean specializes in religious and cultural history, with a focus on the negotiation between cultural, religious, and personal identities of people on the margins. Dean is currently working towards his Master's Thesis on the Protestant Reformation in Austria and the Habsburg lands. 

Dean Messinger received his BA in History from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, with minors in Theological Studies and German Language. His most recent publication is “And the Rich Man’s Heart Sorrows and Grieves”: Iconography and the Historiography of The Allegory of Hope for Gain by Dirck Coornhert and Maarten van Heemskerck,” which explores the art and ideas of the controversial philosopher and religious theorist Dirck Coornhert during the tumultuous time of the Reformation in the Low Countries.

As a Graduate Teaching Assistant, Dean Messinger has been a TA for Classics 160B1: Meet the Ancients: Gateways to Greece and Rome and HIST 311: History of Epidemics. As an undergraduate, Dean taught a Writing Lab for First-Year Students and others in need of writing assistance, with an emphasis on essay structure, source citation, and developing strong theses and arguments.