Major and Minor Degree Requirements


Total Units in History

33 units, including a minimum of 18 units at the upper-division level, are required for the major.  (Up to 12 of these 33 units may be used to fulfill requirements in both the History major and another major, if allowed by both the History Department and the other program; only HIST courses can be used for the history major.)
The 33 units must meet the following additional requirements: HIST 301, Area Requirement,  Chronological Requirement, and HIST 498 or HIST 496H (formerly HIST 396A).

HIST 301: Introduction to the Study of History (requirement beginning with catalog year 2010)

HIST 301 introduces history students to research and writing skills essential to success in the major.  It is a prerequisite
for admission into HIST 498 or HIST 496H.  It is strongly recommended that you complete HIST 301 in your first or second year in the major. (3 units)

Area Requirement

The Department of History insists that its undergraduate majors distribute their course offerings among at least four fields in History. Students must choose four of the five areas, and take at least 1 courses (3 units) in each of these four areas. The logic behind these requirements is breadth of historical knowledge. (18 units total)

  1. Africa, Asia, and the Middle East
  2. Europe
  3. Latin America
  4. United States
  5. Thematic

Chronological Requirement

All History majors must take at least one course covering history before 1500.  You may  "double-dip" any history course in both an area requirement and the chronological requirement, if it is on the list of approved courses (see page 10 of your Advisement Report for the list).

Research Seminar Requirement (HIST 498* or HIST 496H*)

Effective Fall 2013, all History majors must take HIST 498 (or HIST 496H): Senior Capstone.  The prerequisite for this course is a passing grade in HIST 301: Introduction to the Study of History. HIST 498 may not be used to satisfy any area requirement.  Honors students may enroll in the special honors section, HIST 496H, if it is offered.   HIST 498 and HIST 496H are equivalent to the formerly required HIST 396A. (3 units)

Elective Credits

15 units of additional, elective history credits will complete the major.


History and Law double majors must satisfy all the requirements of the History major.  The School of Government and Public Policy (SGPP) gives History and Law double majors credit for twelve units of History coursework.  SGPP gives six units of introductory SGPP course credit for HIST 301 and HIST 498 and six units of Law elective course credit for any two of the following HIST courses:

HIST 335: Western America: Law and Order, 1785-1915
HIST 344: The Bill of Rights
HIST 349: History of Crime in America, 1607-Present
HIST 378: Global Human Rights
HIST 471: A History of Migrations in the Modern Middle East, North Africa, and the Mediterranean World


The History Minor (HIST) requires a minimum of 18 units which must include at least 9 units of upper-division (300 or 400-level) course work.

**Tier 1 Gen Eds cannot be used toward the minor or the major.

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