Lynné Almy

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School Board Member

Choosing to be a history major at the University of Arizona was one of the easiest decisions I made in college. I loved my history classes and history teachers in high school, and I knew that I wanted to continue to learn as much as I could in social studies. The history classes I took at the U of A were not only interesting and exciting, but they taught me how to learn and how to teach. Being a history major developed my critical thinking, analysis, and writing skills which greatly served me as I continued into higher education and my career.

Following college graduation, I went to work for Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords on her final congressional campaign. I then joined Teach for America and moved to Phoenix where I taught for six years and earned my Master’s Degree in Elementary Education. In 2016, I was elected to serve as a governing school board member for Phoenix Elementary School District #1 and am currently serving as Vice President of the board. I continue to work in a high school in Maryvale as a 7th/8th grade academic advisor and instructional coach. My degree in history gave me the skills to succeed in all of these different positions, and I really believe I could do anything with the knowledge I gained in college.


College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

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