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Environmental Organizer

Why Major in History? The Historians and Outs...

I studied history because I got it into my head as a brash 18 year old three or four changed majors into my tenure at the U of A that I should study what I loved and worry about the job market when I got there. I'd decided it was more about having a degree than what it was in.

I was wrong. 

As it turned out, majoring in history not only got me solidly into the job market but led me directly into my career.

A history major doesn't just teach you  endless fun facts that entertain (or annoy) your friends... Like did you know that the British forces that captured the White House in the War of 1812 ate the served and quickly abandoned state dinner before lighting the new capital building on fire? Or that sliced bread was banned in 1943? Or that 22nd president Grover Cleveland's first name is actually the much less presidential sounding Stephen?

Anyway... what a history major really teaches is to always demand to know why and how something happened. You learn how to make a winning argument using only the facts. The history major becomes a skilled writer and communicator. 

And those skills are job winners. Yes, even in this economy. 

My title is "organizer," first for the labor movement and now as an environmentalist. On the surface, it really has nothing to do with history. But what I really do is communicate an idea to an audience and that is not something you just pick up casually or by mistake. It is something you learn. It is something you learn as a history major. 

Become a history major and become whatever you want.

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