History Happenings: Undergraduates' Experiences in History Courses

Roman Spectacle 

Students in HIST 404B "The History of Rome: The Empire through the Reign of Constantine the Great", along with AIA members, re-enact a Gladitorial Roman Spectacle! Following a cross-campus pompa (procession) of participants led by the emperor, the games begin! The event features ferocious beasts, barbarian warriors, heartless criminals, and the combat of matched gladiators. Truly did all in attendance enjoy the spectacle of Roman power and justice.


Tasting History 

The class of HIST 420 “The French Revolution Around the World, 1750-1815: Everyday Life and Global Perspectives” participates in an event where students choose a recipe from revolutionary times, cook it together, bring it to class, and present the history of the recipe and of its ingredients. Learning about the French was unquestionably delicious!



Nahuatl Language Project

The students of the “Basic Nahuatl Course” are exposed to fundamental concepts of Classical (used during Mexico’s colonial period) and Modern (used contemporarily) Nahuatl in this invigorating workshop! Here they are proudly displaying their certificates of completion after their cultural investigation into the history and language of the Nahuatl.

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