HIST 498 - Senior Capstone 002


Topics in the History of the Middle Ages

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The main assignment for this course is a 20-25 page research paper (using both primary and secondary sources) on a topic of your choice.  You will prepare to write this paper (which will go through several drafts) by actively participating in online discussions, constructively critiquing your classmates’ work in peer review sessions, producing short writing assignments (a proposal, an annotated bibliography, a comparative book or article review, a primary-source explication, and an encyclopedia article), and sharing your findings in an oral presentation.  You will also have six individual meetings with me and at least two in-person meetings with your classmates.  You are required to have done some coursework in medieval studies, and it is highly recommended that you have taken several courses in early European history or some related discipline.  This course will focus on the European Middle Ages, but I am willing to let you go a bit beyond these geographical and chronological boundaries.

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