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  • Wednesdays, 6:30-9:00 p.m.
  • In Person
  • Regular Grades A, B, C, D, E
  • 3 Units
  • Fulfills "Core" requirement



The purpose of this course is to introduce students to methods of historical research for recent and contemporary US foreign relations, with a special focus on the post-1898 period. The class will emphasize the following specifics: basic features of historical methodology, especially with regard to finding and interpreting primary source materials; how to use source materials to construct logical arguments; how to use theoretical perspectives (from both history and social science) to improve the quality of arguments; and the mechanics of designing a college-level research paper. We will focus on foreign policy decision making as it relates to war and security issues, as well as foreign economic policies and covert operations by intelligence agencies.

The main assignment will be a research paper of 15-20 double-spaced pages. It is important that you select a topic and begin at least preliminary work on their papers as early in the semester as possible. You will be expected to turn in a take-home midterm exam; a draft version of the research paper and a final version of the paper, all at intervals throughout the semester as indicated below. Students are expected to meet with me several times during the semester to discuss their progress in conceptualizing and writing the paper. Class attendance is required.


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